Review by Ciarán Steward.

It’s always tough to write your first album as an unsigned solo artists, motivation may waver and the lack of tools may weigh you down. That certainly isn’t the case with Jersey based Jordan Burrows whose debut album ‘blame...’ is available online now. What makes this product so grassroots is that the entire album was recorded through Garageband. Jordan clearly has a passion for his music and the completion of the album and the quality of the songwriting is top notch, check out the quality backing vocals throughout.

Review by Steve Boniface

Leftfield four piece We Are Transmission are a difficult group to label - and that's just the way they seem to like it. With tracks that veer from synth tinged 80s rock stylings to those with a touch of punk, you never know what's coming from one moment to the next throughout their new album, 'Waltz Chrome Cello'.

Review by Steve Boniface

Eastern US six piece Man in A Crowd have been honing their brand of Americana tinged rock for a couple of years now, attempting to distill their genuine love of writing and playing music into this debut album. The result is a strong collection of 12 songs which retain a stringently upbeat sensibility, tracks which will keep fans of soft rock tapping their toes throughout.

Review by Ciarán Steward

Grace are a new four piece band attempting to bring a classic rock edge back to the mainstream.

Review by Kathryn Ashman

If you’re looking for a music accompaniment to a summer of hazy sunsets, chilled out road trips or even a lounge in your back garden, Southern’s ‘Where the Wild Are’, is undoubtedly a soundtrack to any British summer.  Marrying ethereal harmonies with delicate acoustic melodies, this Belfast based two piece create a fresh and composed sound that has the potential to easily creep into the charts.

Review by Steve Boniface

The music industry absolutely loves to label artists and genres with glib, one word descriptions that make it easy for people to identify what they are talking about. If that doesn’t work, it’s also easy enough to call someone ‘the next blah blah blah blah’, a simple identifier that outlines what to expect. In the case of Brandy Buliay, these shortcuts are not available.

Black Casino and the Ghost are an alternative rock trio consisting of guitarist Ariel Lerner, vocalist/pianist Elisa Zoot and drummer Andy Treacey.

They met last year when Elisa was working as a singer, Andy was touring the world with Faithless and Ariel was working as an engineer in a recording studio in Islington. They formed their band through a mutual obsession with the cathartic nature of music and went on to create songs are about “isolation, disorientation, lust, and how to fly a plane through turbulence without spilling your coffee”.


James Haitchwai has been doing my thing on the DC indie scene since 2003 and has just self-released a new EP, James Haitchwai Is Dead.

It is now available on a name your own price download. Although James would be happy for you to enjoy his music for free if you wish, it would help cover his recording and hosting costs to make a donation to help him continue his good work. Anyway, have a listen below and make your mind up.


The Playmakers are a three piece band from Cirencester in Gloucestershire. Newly formed and young - they are playing locally, Cheltenham, Swindon, Bristol and have some gigs in London - The Hope & Anchor, Camden Rock and The Brixton Jamm.

They claim to be more like the post punk/new wave scene than the present indie scene and their influences are many and include The Clash, Dr Feelgood, The Jam, Libertines, Joy Division.


The Dusk are from Greater Manchester (Middlewich in Cheshire to be precise) but they follow in the Manchester tradition of producing great electro-indie rock music. From Happy Mondays to Doves and more recently Delphic and Hurts, this area of North west England seems to produce some of the finest indie dance music.

The 5 piece comprises of Alastair Gunn on lead guitar (songwriter), James Grierson vocals (Lyrics), Mark Roberts on Rythm Guitar, Chis Cleland Bass and Jansson Bostock Drums and Percussion.


Being billed as the UK’s answer to Kings of Leon immediately lumps a rather large weight on the shoulders of London trio Them Changes. But nevertheless, that seems to be the word about town.

Not bad for an act that started its life as Michael Kiwanuka’s backing band. They eventually decided to form their own group last year, and now they’re being managed by Steve Whiteley (formerly of ATC Management). Their debut single “Lie to Me” features catchy, wailing vocals with huge guitar riffs and vocal harmonies – catchy enough for commercial appeal without alienating  their already growing ‘Camden crowd’ fan base.


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