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Coming from the former mining town of Croy, North Lanarkshire, Campfires in Winter stormed headfirst into the world of music recordings with their debut single, ‘White Lights’ The four-man band, comprising of Scott, Wullie, Boab and Ewan, are set for busy year as they promote their single with a series of Scottish dates. Kicking it off with their single launch at Nice N Sleazy’s in Glasgow last Thursday. Campfires in Winter are renowned throughout Glasgow for their ‘dead Scottish’ accents and powerful yet chilled-out music. Their fan base is fast growing and they have already developed a loyal following.



The track opens with two guitars gently strumming and plucking the first four chords. The drums then kick in, quietly at first but, as other guitars enter, the volume builds and anticipation grows. A distorted guitar seizes dominance and, before long, the introduction is in full swing, with each instrument working together to create a glorious, optimistic sound. Then it all stops. Only a single guitar remains, strumming short, punchy chords, heightening anticipation. The opening lines are sung with this accompaniment before another short pause – they must like to keep us waiting! The other instruments then join the guitar and singer, giving it all they’ve got. Now, non-Scottish listeners must be warned: the band’s lead singer, Boab, has a rather thick Scottish accent - think Biffy Clyro but different region. Therefore some of the lyrics sadly may be lost to those who aren’t used to the accent. Said lyrics deal with overcoming adversity and maturing, complimented by motivational music. The drums are especially impressive on this track; very varied in terms of style but nonetheless tight and neat. The song also features a great break-down/build-up with a euphoric guitar solo, building on previous themes from the track. Campfires in Winter really show off their technical ability in this song and it is certainly a credit to them.

Fans of the Boxer Rebellion, We Are Augustines, and Bombay Bicycle Club will appreciate this band’s alternative, experimental sound. It is truly a wonderful thing when four musicians, equally talented in their own right, are brought together through their shared passion to make music and express themselves. Hopefully ‘White Lights’ will spark a fire which burns even longer than Winter.

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Review by Fiona Smith


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