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Steve Boniface


There's nothing quite like subtelty and depth to elevate an album. There are thousands of LPs released every year which all combine similar elements - piano, drums, vocals, a bit of folk, a bit of indie - but those which stand out have to have something extra.

It is this depth that helps Alan Bonner's LP to set itself apart, in spite of a pace which will barely raise your heart rate. As suggested by the title of the album, this is a collection of slower songs, but tracks which have a number of subtle touches that help them stand up.

Tracks such as 'Autumn', 'Look At Music', 'Talia' and 'Rainbow Man' - all piano and vocal ballads - are lent depth by little touches like low strings and harmonies. Meanwhile, 'Lighthouse Song' (a rare foray into the upbeat) utilises ukelele and hand claps to create a light hearted sound.

Further highlights include 'Little M', all acoustic guitar and vocal, a beautiful track about greeting a new baby, and  'Ocean', a song about taking a chance in life, and 'diving in'. These are strong songs which mix the upbeat with the melancholic very well. Those looking for something to dance to, or even nod their head with any vigour, need not apply. But if you're willing to take things slowly, Alan Bonner could well be a the right partner for you.

Review by Steve Boniface


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