After previous failed attempts to be the name on all our lips, the band formerly known as ‘Grace’ have hit upon a winning formula. Drafting in drummer Martyn James and producer Richard Causon (Kings of Leon, Black Crowes, Tom Jones) seems to have done the trick. Certainly, their debut effort in ‘Home To Andy’s’ contains all the elements a well constructed LP requires.

You get a taste for the individuality the band looks to achieve throughout the album. The flashes of harmonica in ‘Carousels’, the eerie opening to ‘Headstrong’ and the inventive guitar riffs, all help to bring a real sense of soul and emotion. The boys from Bath highlight their range with songs moving from the acoustic to anthemic. Lead single ‘Seventeen’s’ is a standout, marking the latter of these two styles. ‘Country Soul’ is another to watch out for. Seemingly, listening to the record it’s impossible not to catch yourself humming or tapping along to this. The raw, earthy sound definitely recalls Springsteen in places, whilst hinting at contemporary groups like The Gaslight Anthem, One Night Only and even The Goo-Goo Dolls at times.

Critiquing the work, it does perhaps sound formulaic at times yet it is undoubtedly an impressive album. It is clear that each of the four members has mastered their respective instruments. Not only does the record sound full and incredibly well put together, the creativity in tracks such as ‘Access’, with its dueling vocals and guitar, and the subtle organ in ‘Maria’, demonstrate the thought put into the work. Whilst by no means ground-breaking, ‘Home To Andy’s’ is most definitely a solid work from this burgeoning British group.

Released 25 February 2013 it may come too late to have Cupid send it for Valentine’s Day but it is definitely worthwhile putting it on your wish list.

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