Review by Ciaran Steward

If, like me, you’re a fan of bands like We Are Scientists and Editors, you’ll slip straight into ‘Neon Signs’ by Scottish band IT Girl. With a solid sounds, the band add clever harmonies to a deep, dark lead voice, and well thought out synth sounds. The electricity of the album is evident right from the start with the title track up top. ‘Neon Girls’ is a brilliantly constructed alternative track that combines some rather interesting sounds with a more upbeat, charismatic chorus. Whilst the lyrics don’t seem to match the light touch of the chorus, the blaring guitar riffs that follow bring a sense of darkness to the track which helps to complete the wide array of sounds, making this such a stellar opening track.

The unfortunate popularity of the band’s name makes them hard to find yet the irony laced within it is not worth missing out on. Wordplay is clearly just one of the band’s many talents, the second track entitled ‘Halley Commits’ is an instance of this although the track is much deeper and intense than one may expect. The formula for the band becomes fairly clear as the album progresses, this is not to say that there is anything wrong with it but that it is easy to get a taste of what these guys are like musically. With a real mixture of edginess and flowing tunes, the Glasgow-based act have really made a record to be proud of.

Probably the most noticeable factor of the album (which you can download for your choice of price at ) is the use of multiple drummers, something that one certainly wouldn’t expect at first listen. The difference in styles adds to the album as each track has a unique charm, helped into fruition by the use of various drummers. The rhythm section is incredibly tight throughout whilst the guitars and synths draw the listener in with their inventiveness and technical brilliance. On the whole, this is a definite must-have for anyone who likes alternative music, as well as bands such as Interpol who have a signature sound. Whilst the voice draws you in, the sound of the band blows you away and makes you realise that there are still some great original alternative bands out there, just waiting to be found.

Recommended tracks: Your Mother And I, Followed And Found, Neon Signs.

Review by Ciaran Steward

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