Review by Jenny Kermode


Captures are from Brooklyn, New York, and are three quarters American and one quarter English. They’ve just released their debut album which was recorded at Seizures Palace, also in Brooklyn. They describe themselves as ‘alternative rock and indie with a strong 90s grunge/rock influence’. You can hear this influence on their latest EP ’Winter’s Gone’ which can be likened to that of Biffy Clyro, the Foo Fighters, Feeder, and Staind’s more acoustic based tracks.

The first track, ‘Soldier’, is a fairly punchy start to this EP with prominent drums and distorted guitars and soaring vocals over the top. Although this song does have many positive qualities, it may perhaps benefit from being shortened slightly to strengthen the overall song structure. This is followed by gentler drums and acoustic guitars in the introduction of ‘Tidal Wave’ showing a more emotive side to the band. Additionally, there are nice simple touches from electric guitars to build up to a powerful expressive ending. ‘Linus’ also demonstrates another side to Captures with a punk-y, sharper, sound than the previous two tracks. ‘Cavalier’ remains with this alt rock auditory experience and includes several call and response vocal parts as well as making the use of volume by dropping it right down at some points with brief vocal breaks. Overall, this is a good quality EP that uses influences from rock and indie but with a modern twist. They balance their instruments perfectly and also effectively utilize both acoustic and distorted sounds which will no doubt provide excellent live performances.


Winter’s Gone’ is available for download, as well as their self-titled album, from


Review by Jenny Kermode

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