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Review by
Steve Boniface


London based singer-songwriter Jimmy Livingstone releases his debut album in March, an album inspired by a life-changing escape from a car accident. Having spent some years in Los Angeles, the LP has a distinct Americana/Country music vibe, delivered in a deep baritone that suggests a certain authority in his words.

Album opener 'Getting By' sets the tone with an acoustic based track reminiscent of Neil Diamond's later output. Lead single 'Desert Song', an upbeat track with a decent momentum, follows and marks a decent start to the album as a whole. While there's nothing groundbreaking here, these are solid songs based on evergreen roots traditions and stronger for it.

The real highlight of the album, however, comes later. The mid-section, tracks 5, 6 and 7 of the album, are the strongest on offer and mark the peak of the release. 'Black Country Girl', linked back to Livingstone's midlands roots, is a nice change of pace which features a subtle horn section and hammon organ. Next, 'Useless Man' has a strong percussion based opening followed by a nice driving beat. Finally, 'Lady of the Flowers' has a nice, mellow acoustic flow to it. This three song sequence marks the high point of the release as a whole.

It's not all plain sailing - there are some lyrical weaknesses, where lines make little sense but words are crowbarred in because they fit and sound good. Overall though, this is a strong LP with a solid identity that will doubtless appeal to fans of the genre.

Review by Steve Boniface


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