This band have added their own individual stroke into this song as well as their earlier singles, I believe this works so very well and makes a connection among band and fan or listener. ‘Take What You Need’ evolves from dark melodies to bottomless bass tones, with original elements all through the song we can for sure say you won’t get uninterested listening to this established song. As an accepted four piece band we are all anticipating much more in the future!


Rock single to be released on June 22nd, with a full album to follow July 13th A welcome throwback to the golden ages of punk and rock, Crazy Fenton is the musical brainchild of songwriter Clive Aliker - a Norfolk based artist who is a big fan of making a good old fashioned ruckus. With influences from 60s garage rock and 70s punk all the way through to the modern day, Crazy Fenton is the work of a veteran musician who certainly knows how to rattle out a top tune. Having worked with renowned producer Dave Allen (The Cure, Human League, Chameleons) to arrive at an energetic studio style, the new single ‘Cool Ella’ is set for release on June 22nd. High energy and built on a foundation of distorted guitars and pounding drums, this is one for fans of the classics. ‘Cool Ella’ is one hell of a way to come out fighting, and with the follow up album due a couple of weeks later on July 13th, you will be hearing a lot more of Crazy Fenton in 2015. The album, produced by British EDM trailblazer Alex Banks (EZ Rollers), is the kind of release which will have the music industry on high alert with its raw song writing and production values. With lyrics inspired – in Clive Aliker’s own words – by ‘deaths,mental failings,and a complete inability to understand the female species’, these are songs that listeners can’t fail to relate to. And in ‘Cool Ella’, Crazy Fenton has picked out one hell of an entrance. Links: undefinedundefined

It’s Called Heartache (Sky Mix) - this song is a really vast upbeat Club/Dance tune. A pleasant remix of a track done by kinky dove. Would be an ideal song if you need to get moving! It helps to keep everything all brand new and stem out to more listeners. The singing provides a great cover over the Club/Dance beat. The production is definitely the main pull in this song.

Another Girl – It is quite a cheerful track. There are two singers in the song and they both provide diverse vocals. The girl having a melodious voice and the man’s who in which has low lively voice. The drum and guitar riffs are outstanding in this song. As well as the vocals being immense going with the beat of the song really well.

Some Kind Of Fool – This song is a tad slower then the earlier song and speeds up a fragment for the chorus. The drum beat is grand, has really high-quality rhythm with this track and the guitar and drum go together like a couple. This song has again a truly first-class guitar riff and difference between the two singers.

To bring to a close kinky dove’s self titled EP is an in fact a superb EP which has great contrast between the female singer and the male one. Whether or not if there is any additional remix’s in the future from kinky dove, it helps to widen their audience. Really huge EP a have got to have this June the 15th.

Last night’s performance at The Troubadour, the siblings don’t hold back as a musical Batman and Catwoman duo; their vocal harmonies are outstandingly on point. Their performance had a twang of Springsteen and Fleetwood Mac and the atmosphere within the venue was fantastic. Belle Roscoe’s singing style hits you deep inside with their smooth yet emotional vocal melodies. This concert was a pleasure to experience and would be more than delighted to hear them play again! undefined Soundcloud:

“Jason Statham” is the new tune from Men With Ven set to roll out the 1st of June on iTunes. Just a few days before Jason Statham’s new movie spy. This could serve as a great official track for a tribute! It has the potential to be just that, but if not it still serves as a perfect unofficial tribute! If the tribute does get out to Jason Statham then you will have no trouble in seeing Men With Ven glide to the top of the charts!

Check out the video (Without a feature from Jason Statham just yet) here:



Yeti love is a duo with great song writing and really unique music influences. With one half of the duo (Hamilton) being influenced by his own ancestry being half Spanish. A big influence for him was the folk traditions at his hometown Galicia. As well as his rhythm influence being from Celtic roots music. And you can see that from their new single “Lonely Road” out June the 15th and it is a must get for people who would like to try new unique music with a hybrid mix of “alt-rogue-folk-rock”!


Berenice Scott’s new single ‘Walls Cave In’ has a sweet blend of piano and delicate vocals that match perfectly together to create a debut single that could beat the drum for arrival of a major talent. With a sad tone to the lyrics this works well with the catchy chorus, this track is set to turn heads in the music industry; the fluid level of quality of the production, chorus and vocals leaves us weak at the knees!


Overboard – Is the first song of the EP. And is a happy sort of song. This is mostly due to the melody from the vocals. The lyrics are also good in this song. The instruments make it a upbeat rhythm for the vocals to layer over.

Heartracer – A nice melody and harmony on this track. Nice upbeat rhythm to it. This song has song has strong vocals with a lot of general passion in this song in terms of vocals and instruments. It also had a video out on Youtube here:

Summer Gold – Has a great melody and is the main song on the EP. The lyrics really help to create help the melody as well of course the vocals. The instruments create a slower rhythm in this song for everything else to follow.

Ice On The Streets – The instruments and vocals in this song create a really nostalgic vibe to them. The vocals are great in this song giving it motivating feel to it. It is also the only song in the EP that includes a guitar solo in it.

Open Door – The last track of the album, the song has tension sort of feel created by the instruments. The rhythm is also quite fast paced throughout this track. The vocals are strong as well as the lyrics.

To conclude the EP – Summer Gold EP is a great EP which has some great melodies and harmonies that help to create a nostalgic sound. After their previous album, this album is highly anticipated and we could easily see it climb its way up the charts.

Out Now At:


EDM Pop making its way overseas from Ukraine to hit the UK. In their native country (Ukraine) they have acquired best album and best single at the yuna awards and they are aiming to do the same in the UK. With there being such a big EDM pop following the UK it is highly possible for them to do just that. Making “Strange Moves” Highly Anticipated single this year! The production is really smooth and crisp given the fact they are independent in Ukraine. The production is world class level and The HardKiss show no signs of not improving! Strange Moves is a must have this year! Out 18th Of June in the UK!


The UK’s premiere vintage festival is this year set to discover the nation’s top new vintage talent for the first time, with the launch of the inaugural Twinwood New Talent 2015 competition. Open to musicians and singers who best capture the iconic sounds and styles of music from the 1920s to the 1960s, the finalists will battle it out in front of a huge live audience at Twinwood Festival itself, the year’s biggest celebration of vintage UK culture. The final will take place on Saturday, August 29th, with cash prizes on offer as well as a unique opportunity for some exposure from a top UK music PR company. Presented by legendary big band leader John Miller, the competition will also be hosted by Twinwood favourite Dusty Limits, who will be joined by a panel of four leading music industry experts. Enter the Competition Entries for the contest will be accepted between 30th April and 31st July. To enter, simply email a link to a YouTube performance to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. along with an artist photograph. Those entries will be displayed on the Twinwood Festival Facebook page, before being assessed by an initial panel of experts who will decide on the five finalists to perform at the Festival itself! The judges will take into consideration both the talent, look and popularity of each entrant, so acts are encouraged to get their fans to voice their support when they are posted to the Facebook page. With thousands of tickets already sold, this is a unique opportunity for undiscovered talent to perform in front of a massive live audience, and win new fans from a crowd looking for new artists to champion the vintage cause. For a taste of what the weekend as a whole has in store, check out some clips from last year’s festival: Links: undefined

A great new single from Adam Hear the Sea about not just running away from your feelings of “Sorrow” but rather feel it right up until it passes. His early demos got a lot of support from radios such as; BBC Music 6 and BBC London radio making his single highly anticipated this year! Adam Hear the Sea has nice abstract smooth lyrics, strong voice and great production which could carry him nowhere else but upwards in the music industries! A must get this June the 1st!


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