Some songs just put a big fat smile on your face. ‘Diggin’ it Deep Down’ is one of those songs. Containing some bouncy vocals and a head-bobbing dub instrumental, the song is a promising start from this pop-reggae outfit Norell & The Dub Factory. Their summery sound is just what we all need right now!

Watch the video for the single here:


A couple months ago Portsmouth rock band Free From Gravity released emotionally poignant single ‘The Long Road’. Now proving that they can do both fun and serious, they have returned with this new guitar anthem ‘Dance With Me’.

As rock anthems go it’s bloody good! Not only do the chugging riffs make you want to move, the chorus is ridiculously catchy and feelgood. Positivity seems to be something Free From Gravity are very good at, a refreshing change from rock’s moodier side. And as retro as a lot of their ideas are, there’s also something very fresh about them in their energy and clean production.

Still playing a number of guerrilla gigs, Free From Gravity seem like an exciting band that’s sure to go places. I still love the fact that their name was inspired by a Wonderbra ad!

Their new EP is already streaming on Soundcloud and you can listen to it here.

After a brain injury left him unable to walk or talk, marathon-runner and singer-songwriter Adam Lanceley has defied all odds, now releasing his new creative single ‘The Dream of Yesterday’.

As a child, Adam Lanceley was involved in car crash suffering a crushed pelvis, damage to his legs and a serious brain injury. Doctors said it would be unlikely that he’d ever walk or talk again. Determined to prove them wrong, Adam has since achieved incredible feats.

Watch this video to hear his story:

Presented by the late HRH Princess Diana, Adam’s recovery was so remarkable that he was one of 150 children to achieve the McDonald’s Child of Achievement. Before realising his passion for music, his sights were set on acting, getting offered a place at The BRIT school (which he now regrets turning down!).

Adam was still able to find a place at East 15 Acting School, but soon found acting wasn’t for him: ‘This might have been a step too far - coupled with my vulnerable nature, a side effect of my head injuries, it had a detrimental impact on my mental health. I began to find acting too restrictive & had a lot of my own feelings that I would rather express in my own way, rather than someone else’s ideas in a script.’

Choosing to pursue a music career, Adam has already released several albums slowly developing his sound into the unique brand it is today. Deliberately relying on an old-skool production style and using unconventional instrumentation, his new colourful album Postcards From Then… is a must-listen for anyone looking for something a little left-field.

Stream here on Soundcloud:

If learning to speak again wasn’t already impressive enough, Adam has pushed himself to become a singer, developing his own unique vocal style: ‘I still have the gift of being able to communicate emotion and feeling through my music. What makes it more meaningful to me is that relearning my life skills includes having to learn to talk again.’

Adam is dedicated to raising money for The Brain and Spine Foundation and has run a number of 10k runs and two marathons in support.

Postcards From Then… is set to be released May 23rd


Upcoming Essex-born hip hop artist J Keys delivers this tasty new track, Wreckless, sporting a killer hook and a lavish beat.

The rapper started writing music 10 years ago, his debut album ‘When Idols Become Rivals’ dropping a couple years back, receiving much praise from fans. He has a new album on the way.

The song comes with an action-packed video, which you can check out below:

Facebook :

The Breaking Pattern are currently storming Pheonix's rock scene and are readying themselves to make waves globally with their new album 'There are Roadmaps in Our Veins'. A mixture of pop punk, indie and indie rock, the album is a collective arrangement of the bands technical ability.
Citing emo and pop-punk acts such as Real Friends, The Wonder Years, Man Overboard and The Hotelier as influences the band are in a strong position. The album lyrically tackles the theme of failing relationships. Frontman Derek Hackman explains: ‘The album is somewhat of a break-up album, chronicling the various stages of a doomed relationship from the moments leading up to the split until the resolution and recovery. I say “somewhat” because it is not a concept album. The songs do not tell one specific story, but are a compilation of personal experience and the stories I’ve witnessed from friends who had their own hearts disintegrated into red dust.’
Lead track of the album 'Let Love go' demonstrates this, showing just how much this band has to offer and how underappreciated they are. They've got a new video coming soon, but check out the promo here
Www.TheBreakingPattern.Bandcamp.Com Www.Facebook.Com/TheBreakingPattern
Johnny Normal of Electro London (whose new vinyl album we recently featured on this site) has also been working on another exciting project on the side – an electronic rework of Adam and the Ants’ 1980 classic Kings of the Wild Frontier.

The project sees Johnny teaming up with former guitarist and founding member of Adam and the Ants, Marco Pirroni. The concept was initially the idea of Adam Ant himself, who supported the project throughout.

As Johnny explains: ‘My version of KOTWF is not meant as a copycat album as we could never improve on such a classic, rather an Ant fan’s homage to the fabulously exciting original record by Adam, Marco and co which had such an impact on my life and the lives of millions of the MTV generation.’

Listen to the promo video here:


Jo's artistry is sleek Pop-Soul-R&B, evoking Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Beyoncé, Celine Dion and Leona Lewis. As a child, Jo displayed rugged flamboyance, turning every public opportunity into a chance to flaunt her powerful singing and performing skills. Parallel to this outward display of creativity her unbridled expressiveness confounded her parents. "I have always been loud, to the point that my father would as a joke regularly serve a bowl of painkillers to visitors. Although it stopped being funny to me, he always got a laugh," she recalls. The fun party song features an explosively catchy chorus and energetic synth-driven instrumental, produced by Brisbane beat smith Stuart Stuart. Grammy Award winning engineer Bob Ludwig (Madonna, Daft Punk, Coldplay, Nirvana, Train, Mariah Carey, David Bowie) personally quoted the track as “Catchy as Hell”. Australia may be exiting summer right now, but here in the Northern hemisphere it’s right on time! "You can push aside your passions and dreams, but eventually they will scream out to you, and you just have to do what you were meant to do," Jo Cooper It's a new era for Jo Cooper as she is currently building her live profile, releasing her latest single ‘Touch The Sky’ and electrifying audiences with her natural theatricality and honest sensual charms.
Swimming with Pirahana's, the third album release from London based Japanese Fighting Fish, is one to watch. As the title suggests these guys have made something that's very much their own. The band have been working with Tim Young at Air-Edel studios in London, a legend in his own right working with The Beatles and The Clash. The album's title comes from the real life wild experiences of Karlost and drummer Sweetman in Ecuador whilst staying with a Quechan tribe when they took a dip in the Amazon River, so not your usual album inspiration. But there's nothing ordinary about these guys, the new album is a perfect display of their technical ability and charismatic nature. For fans of Royal Blood, The Black Keys, Queens of The Stone Age
Putting his own spin on hip hop Young Malak creates a grungey mixture of hip hop and grime. Reminscent of early Tyler The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt and OFWGKTA Young Malak has set a high bar for himself. 'The Messenger' is his latest mix tape, and is part of his work with The Keys Collective. Title track ‘The Messenger’ is a dark outpouring of feelings set to a spacey beat, whilst ‘Avoid the Vortex’ sees the rapper playing impressively with his flow over a grimy sawtooth-synth beat. The visuals are fittingly trippy. Young Malak explains the source of his introspective lyrics: ‘One point in my life I was lost stuck trying to figure myself out as well as my self-purpose and the more I searched inside myself I began to overtime breakdown my thoughts and feelings to help me remember me. The more you understand your own self the more you will understand this world, and if you can understand this world you realise everything in the universe is one.’
With the original becoming a UK number 1 selling record and winning Best British Album at the Brit Awards, it’s a tall order to take on this new wave masterpiece but the guys do it brilliantly.

It’s one of those situations where the songs become completely new creations of their own as the electro sound transforms the album into a whole new place. This is a really interesting album – it conjures up many different emotions that change with every listen (well for me anyway).

You can hear a promo of it on Johnny Normal’s Soundcloud here:

“Ant Music” achieved platinum certification when it came out – but this adaptation is metallic in an underground ominous way. It’s a stirring version of the legendary song that is definitely worth a listen.

There will be an 'album listening party event' in London on Friday 17th June, tickets and info from

The album will be released Friday 17th June 2016

New Electronic pop song ‘I’ll Take Care of Myself’ from Andrea Di Giovanni ‘I’ll Take Care of Myself’ is the new fun electronic pop song from Andrea Di Giovanni. The song is inspired by his vitiligo:

‘I started to see vitiligo as my edge and distinctive characteristic of my personality, a strength. I decided to show it in the covert art-work of the single, ‘taking care of myself’ means also the ability to transform what you’ve always considered weaknesses into beautiful strengths.’

Andrea also has an EP ‘Soultrip’ on the way scheduled for release in July.

Twitter: @adigiovannioff

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