The new single ‘Cool Rider Crunch’ from innovative four piece rock band Pink Fireball is the perfect show of the band’s creativity and love of all things 60s!

Opening with distorted guitars and quirkly thumping drum beats following the song is the perfect remembrance of the band’s inspiration Jimi Hendrix.

The fantastically funky accompanying video for the song sees the band in a 1965 Mustang really highlighting the retro theme that runs throughout the song and the band’s identity! The video really reflects the grit and passion of the song and the slick vocals.

With an upcoming album in the mix which is set to be recorded in London and a 7” vinyl containing two singles coming up the band are certainly busy but I am sure that this will not compromise the high quality of music that they always produce!

The incredibly powerful 'Cool Rider Crunch' from Pink Fireball is now one of my favourite tracks at the moment. I look forward to hearing what they come out with next.


The new 12 track album from Brutha White features his instantly recognisable blues sound which really needs no introduction.

This album is the perfect evidence of how over the years he has really honed his sound to the perfection that it is now. He has taken inspiration from multiple different genres including jazz and country allowing all his songs to sound mature and expertly crafted. He plays beautiful guitar riffs which sound effortless but full of skill whilst perfectly reinventing the blues scene.

Having been recorded in a room surrounded entirely by wood, his first full length album has a natural sound but if packed full of his jazz infused sound. Although White has already had much success playing with acts such as Samantha Fish and Digital Underground, this album looks like the perfect material to propel him further on his musical journey.

This is a beautiful sounding album and gives Brutha White a real edge compared to other blues artist. Overall, a lovely album which requires no effort to listen to. Perfect summer listening and I recommend you add it to your playlists.

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With a sound akin to the likes of Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix and the experimentalism of Frank Zappa and Gorillaz, Bull Funk Zoo are something that Im very glad showed up in my inbox this morning.

The first track on the album entitled 'Dangerous Radio' is called 'Burnin' and is a fantastic opener for the album featuring a very weighty guitar riff and super fat drums that underpin the total sense of strength and power behind the music. The guitar solo in the latter part of the track really highlights the bands ability to accentuate and compliment their own music without deviating from the level of perfection that is so evident upon listening to them.

'Hangover' is one of my favourite tracks on the album. Beginning with a warmingly distorted rhodes piano riff that then continues throughout the track followed by an amusing and I'm sure, relatable to many, dialogue. Then you have a storming drum beat with some of the cleanest production I've ever heard on them. Topped by distorted vocals that help add the depiction of the brain fuzz feeling of a hangover, the track creates a vibe that you may not want to listen to whilst hungover but one that youll enjoy to no end whilst you feel alive.

My second favourite on the album has got to be 'whiskey', now I know this review may sound a bit too alcohol focussed, but it's strictly to do with the music! Again similar to the track 'Hangover' it is partly due to their integration of keys and synthesis. As well as that the angular and syncopated riffs are absolutely fantastic and just show the bands virtuosity. So many special effects and crazy shredding lines in this one, I absolutely love it!

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‘With You’ from American pop group The Northcoast Stars’ is an indie pop track with amazing sounding guitar riffs, thumping beats and catchy lyrics. Their experience as a band and individual musical talents are clearly evident on this track which is the perfect summer sound and makes for effortless listening.

Watch/Listen to "With You" here:

The song has strong nods towards the British alternative band The XX and the London based alt-pop duo Oh wonder. I love their electro sound and fun bubbly melodies and guitars, it really makes for a brilliant sounding track.

I think the song would be the perfect background music for a summer barbeque with friends and would go down well with a nice refreshingly cold glass of Pimms.

Go and add this to your playlists and follow their social medias so you can keep your eyes peeled for what they come out with next!

The banging remix of 'Wreckless' by J Keys gets the track from the streets to the clubs and gets you dancing the night away. With constant progression throughout the track you’re never bored of hearing the same build up or the same drop and you’ll never hear a Dj skip it half way through.

Stream the remix on Soundcloud here:

The song is a fun and energetic club remix of his original track ‘Wreckless’. It is full of energy and power yet interestingly does not lose the motivation behind its lyrics. As soon as the song starts you can feel yourself wanting to move and dance along, meaning this is the perfect track for a fun drink fuelled summer night out.

It is not at all hard to see how J has already had much success with previous releases having worked with Little Mix vocalist Megan Cotton. Over the past 10 years that he has been making music, every release of his has been welcomed with open arms by all of his fans! His debut album released a few years ago propelled him to where he is now and in my opinion this track will take him even further on his musical journey. I would say this is a track to add to the playlists if you are having a summer party, keep your eyes peeled for what he will come out with next...

The video is set for release on 8th August


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