My first memory of hearing Texas must have been around 1999 when my older sister played them to me in the car. I was instantly hooked and have been a fan ever since.

When I got the opportunity to go and review them at the 'Prime Live Presents' series of shows I was stoked. Having seen them play a great set at the Isle Of Wight Festival the previous week I was already looking forward to it.

Amazon announced back in May they were moving into live music saying ‘these shows would be the best live experience you’ve ever had’. Tickets are only available to Amazon Prime members and feature big artists playing in intimate venues they wouldn’t normally play in. Included in the announced shows are Blondie, Alison Moyet, Katie Melua and Texas.

For Texas they had a selected a fantastic venue: Porchester Hall, located in Bayswater. Having been to hundreds of shows in London as a seasoned gig goer, somehow I have missed this venue. It is absolutely beautiful, stunningly decorated and a great atmosphere.

We quickly got through the extensive security which was quick, efficient and polite. What struck me first was the amount of Amazon Prime staff on hand to answer queries and deal with customers. They were all friendly and only too happy to help. It was very obvious they had paid attention to detail, with everything: there were even a larger number of bins throughout the venue than you would normally find!

We headed to the drink to grab a bar. It did come as a bit of a surprise that this was a cash only bar. Considering amazon were running the event I would have expected a card payment facility. Something to work on for next time! Apart from that, there was a wide selection of beers, spirits, wines and softs.

With only 650 people in the audience the standing space was extremely comfortable and you didn’t feel cramped in. I’m sure if they desired, more tickets for the show could have been sold.

Sharleen came on stage at 8.15 to start her Q and A. This was lighthearted and fun; Sharleen is immensely friendly and genuine person to listen to. Given it was a sit down Q and A, the audience were attentive and listening throughout.

The band came on stage a 8.45 and played a blinding hour of all the hits new and old. The feeling from the audience was that this band are immensely loved and have a loyal fan base. Everyone reacted at the times; singing along when required and being silent as required. This was definitely confirmed from the average age of the crowd!

They finished with an encore and departed the stage at 10.00, leaving the audience wanting more.

My verdict on Amazon Prime shows: Well worth the £75 for the ticket, you get a unique and quality, well run experience.

Get a prime membership and get to a show. I’m excited to see what they announce next. Amazon are onto something here,reviving the live music experience with a fresh new formula.



Review by Tom Green

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