You might not have heard of Jodie H. Dunn yet, but she is certainly making her mark on the music industry with her outstanding vocal capabilities and affinity for songwriting.

The young singer-songwriter has always been fascinated with music, singing in the garden and the playground as a child, even pretending that her neighbours were her audience. Since then, Jodie has eagerly developed her talents, teaching herself a little piano in order to help her songwriting process.

Her latest single, 'I Belong In Hell' is a dark, brooding ballad powered by Jodie's distinctive vocals and a subtle, yet potent piano hook. As Jodie grew older and suffered with bullying at school, penning songs became a sort of diary for her and 'I Belong In Hell' touches on the idea of someone controlling when you are feeling really low.

The haunting little piano hook opens the track with Jodie's vocals gently soaring above, all before the pounding drum beat enters, adding substance and texture. Subtlety is the name of the game in 'I Belong in Hell' and this is partly down to the skills of producer Andy Whitmore of Greystoke studios. For example, the bass line sits quietly in the background but provides a depth of sound that only goes to reinforce the seriousness of Jodie's lyrics.

Speaking of which, it takes an experienced songwriter to come up with such profound and meaningful lyrics, yet Jodie is only just starting out in the professional music world. As a result, you know that she is going places with her music. Although the bullying that Jodie experienced was deeply upsetting, even forcing her to move schools during her GCSE exams, it is these experiences that have provided her with the powerful material to write songs like 'I Belong In Hell'.

Preferring to write emotive ballad style songs, Jodie can be compared to artists as big as Adele and Sam Smith, but she is inspired by a wide range of music, but most notably by American singer-songwriter, Jhene Aiko. Speaking of Adele who sang the bond theme for 'Skyfall', Jodie's 'I Belong In Hell' is exactly the kind of track you can imagine working well with the opening of a bond film too, with its stunning vocals and the powerful drop during the chorus.

Overall, 'I Belong In Hell' is a track worthy of the biggest names in pop music yet is has surprisingly been written by a young (but highly talented) songwriter from Swindon. Watch this space and Jodie H. Dunn may well be the next big thing - or maybe just wait for the next bond film!

You can watch Jodie talking about how she writes her songs here:

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