My Heart Is A Metronome (MHIAM) are a Swedish trio bursting out of their Scandinavian roots with their infectious brand of indie rock. Having started off playing at a kid's birthday party, the band has come a long way since then and their music is tipping them as the next big thing.

'Tierp' is the name of both the band's new EP and lead single which refers to the hometown of lead singer Mattis, which was labelled with the unwanted title of ugliest town in Sweden.

Despite this, there is nothing ugly about the track at all - 'Tierp' is a stormer of a track employing catchy hooks, potent guitar riffs and wide ranging rock-infused vocals. Throughout the verses, Mattis' voice is soft and gentle, with a distinct husky tone to it which contrasts, yet fits perfectly with his full-on rock roar that takes over during the chorus. The deep tone in Mattis' vocals can be compared to to that of Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam, only his voice is much clearer!

The balance of dynamics throughout the track make for a rock tune that really builds up before letting the chorus hook really ring out. Honestly, you won't be able to listen to this just the one time.

As well as this, the guitar work is a thing of beauty. The riffs are uncomplicated but this is what makes them work so well in the genre of indie-rock-pop.

Evidently, the trio have a level of chemistry as musicians that belies their years. If MHIAM continue in the same direction then they're sure to be heading for big things. Watch this space.

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