Single out February 12th

Nottingham native Elaine Blake is a dynamic gospel and soul singer with a passion for pop is set to unveil her new single ‘The Backdoor Man’ early this year. Having worked on numerous radio stations and played with jazz bands and girl gospel groups, Elaine is ready to unveil her own creative offering

Elaine Blake was born in Clarendon - Jamaica and raised in Nottingham. She spent most of her adolescent there and was joined in the holy union of marriage in the jewel of the Midlands. Politically minded, Elaine spent 12 years as a local councillor in Newcastle where she encountered people from all walks of life that subsequently inspired her music and lyricism. She wanted to embody what makes people happy and put on smile on people’s faces.


She describes herself as a sensual, spicy and happy go lucky person and her music translates these qualities perfectly. Her latest offering ‘Back Door Man’ is a joyous song inspired by her eldest son’s love for cooking in the kitchen at the back of the house and the beauty of friendship.

Elaine cites influences ranging from RnB, soul and pop and sounds like a combination of Macey Gray and Tracy Chapman by way of Natalie Cole and Chaka Khan. She has mastered the ability of writing a catchy song with meaning and is well on her way to cementing herself as a pop staple with the short, sharp and sensual hit ‘The Backdoor Man’

The new single from Elaine Blake is out on February 12th


Lee Scratch Perry’s Vision Of Paradise is the ultimate portrait of a true musical icon. To celebrate Lee’s 80th birthday, the movie will be in cinemas this February/March and available on DVD via Cadiz Music and on VOD via iTunes, Amazon Prime, Netfilx and the film’s own website on 8th April.

Watch a trailer here:

For the past 15 years director Volker Schaner has followed Perry on a spiritual and geographical journey taking in Jamaica, Ethiopia, Switzerland and London. Over this period Volker has earned Perry’s trust, resulting in a never-before-granted level of access and insight into Perrys’ fantastical, spiritual world. This classic-in-the-making tells a story of epic, magical proportions that’s not a biography, more fairytale documentary and art piece for itself, which is in turns funny, poetic and frequently mind blowing.

In addition to the filmed footage of the man himself, plus an all-star cast of dub and reggae-related musicians, Lee Scratch Perry’s Vision Of Paradise is illustrated by unique animated scenes. Using traditional painting techniques, the artist Maria Sargarodschi created imaginary characters of surprising contemporary style influenced by Ethiopian Christian Orthodox Church Art, Lee Perry’s imaginary cosmos and the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine.

T-Shirts featuring the vibrant artwork from the movie’s animation scenes are available at

Film site:

Video On Demand:




Lee Scratch Perry’s site:

Cadiz Music:

Festival season is far from over in November – Ilfracombe Rocks Festival in Devon is a must for every classic rock’n’roll fan who loves to dwell in nostalgia as well as discover what’s new in the magnificent world of rock these days. After having been a massive success in 2015 the first 100 super early bird tickets for 2016 are already on sale at an extraordinary price of only £20 for the whole weekend and a very affordable £9 per head a night for accommodation –don’t miss out and grab yours now!

Having grown over the years, Ilfracombe Rocks will accommodate up to 1500 music lovers this November. The three-day event is held from 4th-6th November 2016. Brought to life by iconic radio presenter DJ John Forster, known for hosting the number one unsigned rock music show on the net called ‘Dr. John’s Unsigned Rock Surgery’ on Rockbandom Radio, this event is a true gem for admirers of handmade sonic bliss. Located in John Fowler’s Holiday Park in Devon the annual celebration of gritty guitars and amplified solos is a perfect way to spend a rock’n’roll weekend not only for hardcore bikers in leather jackets, but for the whole family!

This year’s headliners are some of the most excellent tribute bands in the scene. Thunderstruck, The ZZtops and Higher on Maiden will be bringing back the days of rock revolution. While there’s certainly a whiff of nostalgia in the air, the festival is also host to some of Europe’s finest new unsigned rock bands. This is a brilliant way to get to listen to potential stars on the rise and the stadium fillers of tomorrow!

Dr. John’s motto is simple – the DJ wants to promote good quality music and says: “the unsigned scene is possibly the most under-listened aspect of rock music. In many cases it is far superior to the mainstream and more honest. Many of them don’t get anywhere near the airplay and exposure they deserve.” That is why he decided to extend his work at the radio and give emerging artists an additional platform to get heard.

To get your super early bird ticket for the whole weekend just go to !

To include accommodation please pay additionally:

One 4-bed-room per night: £36 for one person (£9 per head if four people share, £12 per head if three people share, £18 per head for two people)

Accomodation for the whole Weekend: £72 for one person per room(£18 per head if four people share, £24 per head if three people share, £36 for two people)


‘Just Do It’ out January 22nd

Seitlos is the brain child of producer/writer and multi instrumentalist Tim Milliken. The band consists of various musicians, dancers, performers and artists all bound together by a love for music. Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee and London, Tim is crafting his own genre of dance orientated pop music for a worldwide audience. Counting high profile names like Boy George amongst his fanbase, Tim is ready to take the industry by storm.

As a band, the idea behind Tim’s project Seitlos was to formulate a completely new brand of music to bring it to the forefront, blending a variety of styles and genres to create something beautiful. Essentially Seitlos is about breaking the mould of pop and becoming the most unconventional, unorthodox, and exciting act possible.

The debut single from Seitlos is upbeat and exciting, uncompromising and surprising in equal measure. It is music that inspires you to do something different and picks you up on a gloomy day. A combination of both the new and the old, Seitlos are doing something different with conventional channels to music. They don’t care about accolades or praise they just want to make music that people can enjoy and invest in.

Music for Seitlos is not about high profile names or locations associated with pop stardom, music to them is about passion, creativity, love and strength all of which is condensed and put into the craft and performance of their songs.

Listen to ‘Just Do It’ here:

The meaning of Seitlos (properly spelt Zeitlos) means ‘timeless’ which is exactly what the performance collective want to become. With an arsenal of future classic’s under their belt it is only a matter of time before Seitlos becomes a household name.

Bobstar is an exciting new artist who has managed to cultivate a unique sound of his own based on a fusion of Afrobeat, bashment and grime. His double A side release “Loving Last Night”/ “Blame On Me” will most definitely drive its listeners to the dancefloor. Bobstar’s an upcoming artist with the potential to shake up the club scenes of England and beyond by demonstrating mastery in the creation of urban music as epitomised in the track “Loving Last Night”:

Bobstar has collaborated with Afro beat artists such as Ace and producers such as Rolio D and Rare G. The multifaceted nature of his songs derives from both his ethnical background as well as his extensive interest in different kinds of music. Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Robert Gabriel Okoro AKA Bobstar has been developing his passion for playing music from an early age. Being brought up both in Nigeria and South London has contributed to the fact that his musical approach is thriving from a variety of different cultural impacts – his style has developed from genres that range from Reggae, Hip Hop, Afro House and Jazz to Pop. Bobstar has been soaking up musical inspiration from the likes of Shabba Ranks, Elton John, Fela Kuti and Bob Marley amongst others. With his songs being primarily Hip Hop based Bobstar’s music is comparable to the work of Future and Mavado.

His musical ambitions range from song writing to performing as well as producing, a skill he acquired over the years from owning his own recording studio.

Release date for “Loving Last Night”/ “Blame On Me” is 8th January 2016


Goldbringer are an exciting outfit from the secluded depths of south Wales. The brain child of Ben ‘Bone’ Honebone, Goldbringer was originally a side project which allowed Ben to express his creative urges whilst allowing him to front other Welsh bands. After releasing two stellar EPs entitled ‘Stand Up’ and ‘Play’ in 2007 and 2009 respectively, Ben joined forces with percussionist and composer Wayne Absalom. The creative partnership propelled Goldbringer’s sound on to a new plane, forming a dialogue between both rock and classical styles.

Citing influences ranging from Muse to Steve Wilson, Goldbringer creates a bespoke, individual sound with a huge scope. The mixture of a strong sonic palette and tasteful lyrics allows Goldbringer to appeal to a variety of differing audiences. Ben also works in collaboration with other artists in creating his own branding and media content. This holistic approach to the arts in creating his own musical landscape makes for exciting results, and Goldbringer's flexible approach has not gone unnoticed in the regional press.

Goldbringer are set to release a stunning 12 track album entitled ‘Telling The Truth’ featuring lead track ‘Humour Me’. Described as an "ambitious and epic" with “eclectic time signatures interweaving irresistible hooks and haunting vocal melodies to create a unique musical experience” the album is a cohesive amalgamation of everything Goldbringer has come to represent. Ultimately ‘Telling The Truth’ is told cleanly, purely, and without compromise to the musical integrity of the project, highlighting elements of social commentary and emotional interaction.

‘Telling The Truth’ is available now.

Watch the video for ‘Humour Me’ here:

'Secret Agents' (free to download from Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Reverbnation)-


Are you looking for a high powered, exciting learning environment that caters for your every musical need? Look no further than Echo Factory! Their unique and tailor-made approach is geared towards enabling students to make it in the music world. And, they have all the resources to equip you with the necessary skills, knowledge, experience and contacts. Based in Leicester’s vibrant Cultural Quarter, Echo Factory’s newly refurbished building houses its own live venue, record label, recording studio, band practice facilities, cutting edge business hub, music classrooms, lecture theatre, café/bar and chill out zone.

In the UK, the traditional music schools no longer cater for the real needs of young musicians. Echo Factory delivers a life-changing, real-world and relevant experience which draws on your passion for creativity, collaboration and – most importantly – music.

Echo Factory is the perfect place for aspiring musicians, producers and music industry professionals.

Offering courses that truly give students 360 degree knowledge of the global music industry, the results are impressive. All students gain direct access to industry, with placements, showcases and the opportunity to launch their own businesses. Courses include:

• BMus (Hons) Contemporary Music Performance degree • BA (Hons) Music Business degree • Music Business short courses • Private instrumental lessons

Needless to say, Echo Factory also offers special industry networking events and Master classes. There is even a chance for you to start your own record label under the guidance of the school!

It’s a truly unique opportunity for those pursuing their goals in an industry that’s notoriously difficult to crack.

To apply for a course, contact Echo Factory now, on 0116 253 5657 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For more information, please visit the Echo Factory website:

Cambridge tech scientists at MvBii Ventures who have created a new smart watch which measures your activity and mood balance, have concluded that the secret to a perfect family Christmas is to watch the Queen’s speech. The MvBii-Zing, an affordable alternative to an expensive smart watche such as Apple’s I-Watch, has been created by Cambridge boffins using a secret set of algorithms that builds on extensive academic research from bodies such as the as the LSE, The Sleep Association and The Chief Medical Officers’ Start Active Report.
The product is the first activity monitor allowing the user to be able to track and balance their day to day life. One of the most revealing aspects of the research is that whether at work or at home, 3pm is the time when most people are at their lowest emotionally and physically , resulting in what the scientists are calling , ‘washed out syndrome’. The main physical and mental signs of the syndrome are such things as tiredness and short temper, leading them to issue the advice that Christmas Day, being potentially the most stressful family day of the year, is a day when you need to stop everything for ten minutes ideally around the time of the Queen’s speech.

In addition to this they advise it is vital to then follow this up with some type of physical exercise like a brisk family walk making sure any short term effects of ‘Washed out syndrome’ are counteracted and Christmas Day harmony is achieved. “Natures cornerstone is all about balance and our aim with the product was to provide the user with a way to be mindful of that and not just a means to measure total physical activity like steps or calories.’ explains founder Justin Pisani.

‘ Research shows that both emotional and physical wellbeing go hand in glove with our daily activity patterns.’ He continues, ‘ Pioneers like sleep researcher Nathan Kleitman [1] observed that our bodies operate by the 90 minute rhythm during the day sometimes called the "ultradian rhythm." or the waveform of life. We often override rhythm with stimulants like caffeine or chocolate which can be effective in the short term but ultimatley make things worse.’

The Cambridge tech experts state that the watch underlines the fact that we must be sympathetic to the rhythm and trying to maintain a balance between activity and rest throughout the day makes us feel better. The watch which will be a must have for Christmas has an all important , 24 hour activity wheel, which allows the wearer to see the ebb and flow of their activity in the day as it happens alongside a diary which shows an estimate of balance across the day using simple colour changes.

The fun aspect of the product also allows the creation of text and photo notes to create a balance diary especially important at Christmas to avoid stress. Although many people feel the solution to be more balanced is in terms of single exercise events like a getting to the gym but as we all know this is not always practical. So on Christmas Day the advice from the Cambridge experts is let the Queen take the stress out of the most important festive day of the year and by taking time out at 3pm the family will undoubtedly have a truly Happy Christmas.

[1] Kleitman, N., Basic rest-activity cycle—22 years later, Journal of Sleep Research & Sleep Medicine, Vol 5(4), Dec 1982, 311-31

Twitter: @MvBii_Zing Facebook: For more information please see :

Teen pop darling Skyler has joined hip hop legend Snoop Dogg for her debut offering ‘Fire’. At the tender age of 16, Skyler is crafting dynamic pop hits way beyond her years inspired by the likes of Beyoncé and Christina Aguilera and bands The 1975, All Time Low and Blink-182. Her first collaboration with Snoop Dogg sets the bar pretty high and she is perfectly at ease with the prospect of stardom.

Hailing from Los Angeles, California and with firm roots in sunny Bournemouth, England, Skyler has got what it takes to break markets in both the US and the UK. The new single ‘Fire’ is her way of making an impact on the world and lighting up people’s lives. As well as being a burgeoning pop star, Skyler loves helping animals and frequently volunteers at animal rescue centres.

On top of a yearning passion for music Skyler is obsessed with everyone’s favourite Antarctic inhabitant, The Penguin. Aside from a fierce passion for these furry flightless birds, Skyler enjoys the exciting world of British football and is a staunch supporter of Arsenal Football Club, waking up in the early hours of the morning to watch her favourite team play.

Skyler is lyrically articulate, vocally stunning and musically in tune and is on her way to cement herself as a lasting pop act.

‘Fire’ featuring Snoop Dogg is out January 29th Links:

Pre-order here:

Amplify the Anthems is a new concept aimed at delivering a platform for unsigned artists to perform and compete in a structured environment. Encompassing a competition dynamic for all acts involved, with charts based on views, likes and sales, plus an opportunity for bands to develop their tour dates. The new platform will have a regional bias so bands and artists can compete and work alongside other musicians. The artists who perform best regionally will then be invited to participate in a national event in 2016 with a range of prizes to be allocated for the winners, with up to and beyond £5000 going to first place.


Single out January 22nd

Marcus Nand, born in Merseyside and currently living in Los Angeles is set to release a full length album ‘Time and Tide Wait For No Man’ featuring lead single of the same name early next year. Marcus Nand is widely known for his work as a guitarist, which has seen him feature in a host of bands from heavy metal band Freak of Nature to Spanish gypsy rock outfit Ziroq featuring Carmine Rojas who recorded extensively with David Bowie and Joe Bonamassa and saw the group reach number #11 in the Billboard Tropical/Salsa chart.

The new album is a unique blend of rock, pop and flamenco styles with nods to Elbow and The Dave Matthews band. Marcus’ gravelly tones are frequently compared to the likes of Seal and Peter Gabriel with a sensibility reminiscent of Patrick Monohan. The songs on the album are written in a radio friendly format with Marcus throwing in world music elements to elevate the release to a unique platform.

‘Time and Tide Wait For No Man’ is the perfect introduction to the sound of Marcus Nand. A delineation of his musical interests and an amalgamation of his previous work, the album is an exploration on the subjectivity of popular culture and the need for people to be motivated to create artistry through intellectual stimulation and self expression. The single of the same name builds on this idea but takes a more personal twist becoming an objective observation about an aspect of life. ‘Time and Tide Wait For No Man’ essentially focuses on the self belief and self sufficiency required to get things completed in all aspects of life. Musically, the album as a whole is the first instance that Marcus has combined all aspects of his musical influences from rock and pop to flamenco and Arabic styles.

Marcus Nand’s prolific nature as a songwriter has seen him work with household names such as Rod Stewart, Rami Jaffee and Mike Inez. Marcus appeared on Rod Stewart’s latest album ‘Another Country’ and Stewart continues to be a key supporter of his work, frequently attending shows with the likes of Jimi Page and the recently deceased Chris Squire in tow. Marcus is essentially a musician’s musician and as a session musician he interacts with the world’s greatest instrumentalists on a daily basis.

With strong support behind him and a stunning album release in front of him, Marcus Nand is destined to cement himself amongst the great and good in popular music.

‘Time and Tide Wait For No Man’ is out January 22nd


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