A group of world renowned musicians have come together to form the ultimate tribute the legend of Burt Bacharach. 'We All Love Burt Bacharach' is a collection of thirteen classics by the great songwriter in a mixture of styles, ranging from jazz to swing.

The album is the brainchild of Giampaolo Pasquile and Michele Garruti who took inspiration from the likes of Chet Baker, Michael Bublé and Norah Jones when piecing together the album.

Whilst there is an overall 'smooth jazz' feel to the album, there are hints of pop, funk and folk in there too that aim to look at Burt's beautiful songs from a new perspective. Included within the thirteen songs are five expertly crafted instrumentals such as 'Close To You' and 'What The World Needs Now Is Love'.

Famous European jazz pianist Massimo Colombo lent his talents to the creation of the album along with other notable musicians such as Peter Erskine (ex drummer of Weather Report), one of the most appreciated double bass players in the world, Darek 'Oles' Oleszkiewicz, Bob Mintzer (member of Yellowjackets), Michael Stever, the new ‘White Cat’ and Kathleen Grace, a refined folksinger from the West Coast.

You can watch the teaser for the album here:




After having been approached by major producers at Abbey Road studios, Norwegian songstress Line Mari is releasing her stunning debut album, 21 Days, on 16th December.

Line Mari creates indie infused alt-pop with a distinct edge, best exhibited on her stand out singles, 'Crush' and 'Haters'. Both tracks feature on the new album and were mastered by studio engineer Christian Wright who has worked alongside some of the biggest names in the pop and rock industry including Ed Sheeran, Keane, Eliza Doolittle and Blur.

However, it was talented producer Rob Cass who spied Line's talent and invited her over to Abbey Road Studios where she began working on her debut album, with the help of cutting edge producer Pearse MacIntyre.

Bursting with fresh young vibes ’21 Days’ demonstrates Line Mari’s powerful and wide ranging vocals whilst still maintaining a hint of rock.

Even the album cover has a special quirk, as the first editions have a small amount of gold pressed into the logo and the reverse side features a beautiful painting of Line's custom shop Gibson guitar.

You can listen to the new album here:






Unique doo-wop-come-punk-poet duo, The Senti-Mentals, have released something a little different for this year's batch of new Christmas songs.

'You Show Me Yours At Xmas' is a quirky and slightly kinky take on the Christmas song that strays from the typical conventions of a festive singalong.

With an infectiously catchy chorus and a hilarious video to match, The Senti-Mentals are on to a winner for the festive period.

The band is the brainchild of John Dobinson and Paul Eccentric who have joined forces to create a sound unheard of in this day and age. The song channels the style of 50s rock'n'roll and doo-wop style music whilst taking inspiration from Christmas greats like Wizzard and Slade.

The duo explain that the song is about 'that one guy from accounts who assumes that every lady in the office wants to go home with him but he couldn’t be further from the truth'- a theme that fits perfectly with the Christmas party scene. The humorous track mixed by Pete Hammond was originally about the ridiculousness of the ‘chatting up’ process but soon became the perfect Christmas party classic.

Check out the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ku_-Q01xd8&feature=youtu.be






Underwater artist Christy Lee Rogers collaborates with fellow artist and musician Ryan Murphy to form the alternative rock duo Bayonesse. The artists both found that the medium of music was a more 'powerful and intense' art form to express their emotions and thoughts but they haven't left their art behind. Their debut single 'Angel Touching Down' has been released alongside an underwater music video directed and filmed by Rogers herself, starring Bayonesse themselves.

The dark and avant grande underwater music video for their debut single 'Angel Touching Down' was edited by award winning filmmaker Ray Izad-Mehr who gives life to the darkness hidden in the emotive lyrics. The raw footage is completely unaltered and un-coloured and just stylised with state of the art editing techniques.

With influences ranging from Muse to Imagine Dragons, Bayonesse form an entirely unique and unsual sound.
Stream ‘Angel Touching Down’ here: [soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/293225317" params="auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true" width="100%" height="450" iframe="true" /]

Brighton-based singer-songwriter, Homesick Mick, is on the up having released his debut EP, 'Black Hole Friday' and there is an album to follow in the new year.

The mysterious Homesick Mick is not only a musician of intrigue, but he is also a social activist, tackling the big issues on behalf of the little guys; a sort of superhero-musician, if you will.

In conjunction with the release of his EP, Homesick Mick has been battling the pertinent topic plaguing the news of billionaire tycoon, Sir Philip Green, and the BHS pensions. The former owner of the high street clothing chain has been accused of extorting the employees of the store after selling the business for a measly £1 and making off with the money that should have gone to their pensions.

The story has received a lot of attention from the media and Homesick Mick has fought for what he believed was right by starting a social media campaign to raise awareness of Green's deceitful behaviour and also making a petition to urge him to pay back the pensions.

Homesick Mick's campaign culminated on 25th November when he took to the streets of London to protest outside Topshop, another of Philip Green's stores. The protest was a success drawing the attention of the media who came down to cover the story, and Mick hopes this will have drawn the attention of the billionaire.

Fighting the man aside, Homesick Mick's debut release gives us a taste of what to expect from his upcoming album, 'The Mysterious Abduction & Return of Homesick Mick'. His style blends hints of jazz, acoustic folk and even rock, forming a unique combination that sets Homesick Mick apart from the crowd.

'Black Hole Friday' includes the infectiously catchy 'La Troc' that will have you humming for hours, as well as the festive themed 'Prisoner to the Past'.

The EP is out now, having been released in unison with the start of the Black Friday sales, whilst 'The Mysterious Abduction & Return of Homesick Mick' will be available from 13th January 2017. Watch this space.






Tuffet Bunnies is the moniker by which singer-songwriter, Clem Darling otherwise goes.

With a folk-rock-pop vibe, Darling writes endearing love songs for his girlfriend, Scarlett, hence the name of the EP. All four songs on the EP relate to the often difficult to describe feelings involved when being in love.

Darling's simple, yet emotive lyrics were always loved by his biggest fan, his grandmother. The Holocaust survivor unfortunately passed away recently, but Darling continues to write his music in the same manner that pleased his Grandma.

Tuffet Bunnies has been compared to the likes of Beck and Paul Simon, but he has developed his own unique style, describing the songs on the EP as though 'they’ve been written by a bunch of gypsies that popped out of the back of a caravan'.

'Everything' is a highlight of the EP with a jovial, upbeat vibe to it, accompanied by a quintessentially folky violin lead.

Darling is looking to reinvent a genre which seems to have disappeared in recent years and 'Love Songs For Scarlett' certainly does that.


The South Londoner who stared in Frank Ocean's music video for 'Nikes' is now making his own infectious tunes. Although he has been playing small gigs for years now, Cosmo Pyke has just released his first official single 'Social Sites'. The model, actor and musician is set to release his debut EP, which was recorded with Fraser T Smith who has worked with major names such as Adele and Sam Smith.

Pyke is still unsigned but after this release and his soon to come EP, the 18 year old is sure to have his choice of labels.

Watch the video for 'Social Sites' here:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6CW4J3Hhsw ,

British Singer-songwriter, Lenny, has covered the Fats Domino classic, 'Blueberry Hill' and made it his own with a unique video concept.

In the video, Lenny's band host a video call over the internet in which they perform their version of the song. It acts as a commendation to technology and its possibilities in this day and age - it can even be a rehearsal studio, as Lenny makes evident.

You can find more on Lenny right here:



Mysterious singer-songwriter I N J I N has just released an eleven part story narrating his fascinating life. The blog follows his life from the start to now, even including how he stopped growing at seven years of age, each section ends on a cliff hanger making you want to read more and more about his life.

Read I N J I N’s story here:


Alongside the story is I N J I N’s single ‘Tennesse’. Listen to the track here:

BBC radio 6's Tom Robinson described Corinna Jane as 'a seriously talented young woman, with strong vocal ability, who is also a mighty fine instrumentalist'. With this sort of reputation already, 'Three Faces of You' does not disappoint.

'Three Faces of You' is a track of sonic exploration ranging from the fine-tuned pop verse to the guitar heavy, rock-driven chorus . Opening with a lightly bouncing, almost cheeky guitar section, the song is made distinctive by the subtle violin that takes the backseat, yet adds another level of timbre that the musical aficionados out there will appreciate. All of this complements Corinna's slightly whispered vocals during the verse, so you know she's building up to something big for the chorus.

However, the star of the show really is without a doubt, Corinna's vocals. Within just one song, we hear an on-point pop singer, a potent rock-roar, but also a hint of something more classical, even operatic. Her blend of styles is what makes Corinna's music stand out from the crowd; there isn't anything quite like it.

Fed on a diet of 90s MTV, Corinna had a passion for music from a young age. By the age of five she had taken up piano and singing lessons, soon composing her own music and establishing herself as a sing-songwriter in her teens.

You can listen to 'Three Faces of You' and find out more on Corinna Jane here:




Omar's single 'Love Never Felt So Good' showcases the powerhouse vocals that Omar has been blessed with, it is a classic take on the Michael Jackson hit. With a perfectly fitted video to go alongside the track, with a vintage, retro feel, it complements the vocals extremely well, what makes the track even more special is that Omar works with the same guitarist that worked on Michael Jackson’s ‘Dangerous’ album - the legend that is Tim Pierce. Omar has a forthcoming album too, work on the album began in early 2015 with Canadian producer Dave Pierce and legendary producer Bob Rock, not one to shy away from working with legends, ‘Love Never Felt So Good’ was mixed by 23 time Grammy award winning Al Schmitt at Capitol Studios in Hollywood. Omar hopes to be able to bridge the musical gap between East and West and bring everyone together all through the power of music. Check out the brand new video below:

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