After hitting us with 'The Wayfarer' earlier this year, a song taking influence from the story of the Peace Pilgrim, Glenn Harrold has returned with 'Fading Photograph'- a track full of lost love, heartbreak and powerful emotion.

As a multi-million selling hypnotherapist for the majority of his time, Glenn touches on a wide range of topics including consciousness, love, peace and spirituality in both his work as well as his music.

You can listen to 'Fading Photograph' here:

Glenn's simple, yet effective approach to writing quality pop songs helps him explore these themes without unnecessary cryptic-lyrics and the vocal delivery of Dean Rhymes gets these ideas across perfectly with his rich and pure voice.

Glenn’s hypnotherapy career has also led to him appearing on Steve Wright’s show, Breakfast TV and Five live.

Pre-order ‘Fading Photograph’ on Itunes now:

'Freedom' is the new protest song from Beldon Haigh- railing against the 45 president of the United States, Donald Trump.

I'm sure there's thousands of people out there who've been waiting for something like this and Beldon's song is a call to arms to stand up for your principles as a human being. It questions the values that President Trump is putting across, asking most predominantly, whether this is the kind of image we want to project to our children? Something Beldon feels strongly about, as a father of three.

Haigh's songwriting prowess stems from his time in the 80s, playing with bands such as Mikifin and Boxing Clever. Having honed his craft for a number of years, Beldon decided to take some time out to write his new album and 'Freedom' is one of the outcomes.

Supposedly, the idea for the song came to him in a dream and so Beldon was hasty to get it written down before he forgot it. It only took him twenty minutes.

Watch the video for 'Freedom' here:

With influences such as Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Al Stewart, Cat Stevens, Lou Reed and pop acts like Elbow, Tears For Fears, Del Amitri, and The Waterboys, Beldon has a strong inspirational pedigree that becomes evident upon listening to his powerful and emotional song writing.

Check out more on Beldon here:

After releasing their debut single ‘This Time’, which received airplay across 30 radio stations, and then receiving support from The Times with their second single ‘Only When You’re Lonely’ as one of their Essential Tracks of 2015, Apachelux have returned with ‘Waiting For The Red Light’. With influences as diverse as Maya Jane Coles, Royal Blood and Girls Aloud, Apachelux’s genre-straddling sound aims to create those ‘dancefloor moments’.

Apachelux consists of the musical minds Jay Wigmore and Louisa Strachan, who met at Village Green in 2014. The duo are based in Southend-on-Sea, currently a hub of creativity and home to an increasing number of up and coming artists, such as Nothing but Thieves, Asylums and Youthclub. Recorded in their home studio and mixed and mastered by John Webber at Air Studios, ‘Waiting For The Red Light’ is set to release 7th April.

Hailing from all the way down under in Australia, Lisa Richards is casting her brand of endearing and enchanting jazz-pop across the rest of the world with her new album 'A Light From The Other Side'.

After a turbulent childhood and upbringing, Richards has found her calling in the world of music and it's almost a shame she didn't start sooner!

Instantly, the first you'll notice about Lisa is her one of a kind voice which is nothing less than inimitable. There is a gentleness, yet individuality of timbre in her vocals which are difficult to describe. Despite this, they fit in perfectly with her laid-back, easy listening, jazz influenced style of music. Lovers of Norah Jones will be sure to find what they love in Lisa's music too.

Richards is the kind of artist you'd have imagined to be around in jazz circles many years ago and this simply shows the way in which she has reinvented the genre for modern audiences.

You can watch the video for 'Frank Sinatra' here:

'A Light From the Other Side' is out 21st April.


Having already accrued 4 albums to his name, Adam Lanceley is not one to slack when it comes to writing music. It seems that the London based singer-songwriter is simply a machine, churning out track after track. But Adam's new EP 'Back To The Sunshine' displays a musician who has come a long way since his beginnings in the industry and now he is donating all proceeds of the record to charity.

When Adam was young, he was involved in a horrific car accident that left him fighting for his life. He sustained severe head injuries and his family were informed that he would probably not walk or talk again. In lieu of this, Adam has shown the utmost determination in recovering, proving those doctors wrong, and now he even runs 10k races and marathons for charity.

Consequently, Adam decided to donate all net proceeds from 'Back To The Sunshine' to the Brain and Spine Foundation, a charity he was worked with in the past and one that means a lot to him.

When writing his music, Adam is influenced by a mix of factors: everything from topical and relevant events to personal experiences from the present day, as well as his younger years. For example, destinations such as Yorkshire and Devon, amongst other places, have provided Adam with fountains of ideas that he has turned into intriguing and meaningful lyrics, attributing ordinary places with mystical grandeur and reflecting fond memories from his childhood.

'Back To The Sunshine' is out 7th April.


The talent show platform has been a mainstay in the reality TV sector for a long time now and it seems to have been dominated by the same few shows like The X-Factor, The Voice, and Britain's Got Talent - two of those shows being spearheaded by the formidable music industry shark, Simon Cowell.

But now there is a new fish in the pond called Salute and its rivaling the big guns by providing an alternative platform for unsigned artists to showcase their music.

Salute is all about grass roots music; giving talented UK musicians a fair opportunity to show what they've got. Shows like the X-Factor have often been criticised for always focusing on the monetary side of the music industry, but this is exactly what Salute aims to combat.

Initially, Salute 'Music Makers' will upload their music via an app (avoiding the cringey audition phases) whereupon a listening phase will occur. Tracks will be vetted by industry curators and professionals such as Feargal Sharkey, former Undertone front-man who is heading the face of the project. Applicants will be narrowed down to a top 100, and eventually a final 6 will be decided by public vote.

It is these final 6 contestants who will feature on the live shows, exhibiting original and themed music each week. No longer will there simply be artists performing 'karaoke' of classic musicians- everything will be fresh and new, empowering the talented song-writers and musicians of our country, not just those who are good at singing and can be molded into the perfect pop-stars.

Salute have also teamed up with Unilad to form a fusion of social media, digital and TV to power the competition online. As well as this, Jamal Edwards MBE has also got on board with Salute and will be talking at their launch event at London venue, Omeara on 22nd March 2017.

Whilst some of the other talent shows can boast top prizes for their winners, such as record deals or opportunities to perform on special occasions at prestigious events, Salute beats them all, offering a £50,000 prize to the overall winner of the competition, that they can use to boost their music career.

Applications for Salute will open April 3rd for all contestants, whilst the listening phase will begin mid-May and finish in July. It will then be the time for the public vote, with the live shows beginning in September and the winner being announced in October.

You can find out more on Salute here:

Directed and edited by visual storyteller Simon Smith and filmed by Ed Reiss, ‘Broken’ was shot in an old theatre in Melbourne, which Cooper discovered whilst on her Melbourne leg of her ‘Wildfire’ debut album tour. After going to an exhibition there called Empty by Rone, Cooper fell in love with the stunning setting immediately and knew it was perfect for ‘Broken’; however the venue was set to be knocked down after the exhibition so the Australian artist filmed the music video the very next day. After Rone’s exhibition came to an end, artist Mayonaize decided to paint the whole theatre’s floor, creating the breathtaking setting for ‘Broken’.

In the run up to to releasing his debut solo album, Welsh singer-songwriter James Kennedy has dropped his emotional new video for the single 'Unconditional'.

Kennedy was formerly part of the hardcore rock group Kyshera, but non-stop touring led to him suffering from bouts of depression, forcing him to take a break from music.

However, incidentally it was whilst James was gathering his thoughts that he found the inspiration to get back to songwriting and pen his new album, 'Home'. The process became a form of therapy for Kennedy and it was within just a few months that he had written, recorded and mastered the album.

The record takes a distinct diversion from James' roots in hardcore rock, moving away from the aggression of the genre towards a a softer form of rock, with more pop-hooks. As a result, Kennedy's quality as a musician is demonstrated through his versatility in style and he has looked to himself and his deeper feelings to inspire much of the material on 'Home'.

The new video for 'Unconditional' is a real tearjerker, showing the love between human beings, whether that be between man and woman, mother and son, or even human and dog.

If you want to get to know James a little better then why not watch his 'twinterview' where he answers questions posed to him by his twitter followers:


Having released his americana-folk album, 'Call Me The Moon' recently, Belgian singer-songwriter Mark L. Oakes has been busy making the video for his single, 'Shredded Jeans' which you can see here:

With simple, no-frills black and white visuals accompanying the beautifully crafted track, Mark succeeds in drawing the emotion out through the picturesque landscapes seen in the video.

Not only this, but since Mark has labelled the album as perfect for a 'karmic road trip', the video seems only fitting to feature Mark wandering, in search of something, unknown, in the wilderness.

Bringing back a seemingly forgotten style of easy-listening, folk music, Mark's style is one for the nostalgic listeners, reliving the days of Neil Young and James Taylor. Despite this, Mark is also influenced by more contemporary musicians such as Tom Petty and Ryan Adams.

Check out more on Mark here:

Tsunami Section is the musical vehicle of Anna Chiara and Felicia Singson, who create an old-skool, retro disco style of pop that takes you back to the good ol' days.

This certainly isn't to say that their music is dated by any means, the duo take influence from an era of pop music that thrived on catchy hooks and danceable beats and these are exactly the things Tsunami Section employ in their contemporary-disco style.

'Keep My Spinning Wheel' is he kind of track that will get stuck in your head because of the superbly-crafted pop chorus but it also has a deeper meaning. The track focuses on the idea of karma and whilst it is often discussed in negative terms, Tsunami Section look to the bright side of it, pushing forward the idea that no matter what live throws at you, there will always be another chance.

Clearly, the girls of Tsunami Section, along with writer, Oliver Fell-Holden, know what makes a good pop track and they've tapped into the formula by using the song title 'Keep My Spinning Wheel' as the infectious hook that underpins the track. The classic use of instrumentation is subtly altered through the use of a brass section that adds another level to the song. From this, you can tell that Tsunami Section aren't trying to do anything 'out there' with their music, but this is possibly the best thing about them; they aim to make great pop music that gets people up and dancing and this is certainly the case with 'Keep My Spinning Wheel.'

Listen to 'Keep My Spinning Wheel' here:

The duo are no stranger to live performance either, having taken their music to over 100 venues across India, in places such as Delhi, Mizoram and Gurgaon.

Find out more on Tsunami Section here:

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