It's not often that you hear about an Egyptian artist emerging on to the pop scene, but Music Theory is doing just that with his latest love fuelled single, 'Down The Aisle'.

Empowering a classic pop sound that draws on the music of some of the best artists in the business, Music Theory writes his best work when sticking to the genre. Despite this, he often looks to diverge slightly into the worlds of rock, dance and R&B, elements of which can be seen in 'Down The Aisle', especially with the fantastic guitar solo towards the end of the track.

Although Music Theory no longer sings on his records, he is the visionary in creating the music, describing the sounds he wants to his musicians for them to replicate. Within this, Music Theory tackles topics as diverse as love, hope, despair, loneliness and inner conflicts.

If you're a frequenter of the charts and love anything pop, then Music's Theory's 'Down The Aisle' is certainly one you should check out. Down The Aisle’ was mixed by Bob Horn (Usher/Akon) and was mastered by Tom Coyne (Adele/Taylor Swift).To gain a further insight into the world of Music Theory, you can check out his blog where he documents and shares his journey as a musician:

Find out more on Music Theory here:

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