We've all heard stories of hard done by musicians going from rags to riches, but you're never quite sure of the authenticity - yet, the tale of Norwich based singer-songwriter J.J Leone is the real deal.

These days, J.J makes his living as a recording artist, writing all of his own material, producing it himself and playing all the instruments, but it hasn't always been this easy for him. At one point, J.J found himself homeless, busking on the streets of Northampton just to survive, but as he felt the situation was his own doing, he was determined to come out the other side on his own.

Leone's will power and strength of mind has now seen him return to the top of his game and there's no doubt that his music is all the stronger for it.

Since first getting involved in music, J.J has been inspired by artists from every corner of the sonic universe, from Jimi Hendrix to Limp Bizkit, all the way to Marvin Gaye (which he talks about in his video below). Despite this wide range of influences, J.J has settled on a smooth R&B infused brand of soul-pop, led by his delicate guitar skills and soulful vocal abilities.

Now, J.J is back with his latest single 'With You' which perfectly encapsulates this style which he has mastered and seemingly patented for himself. Nonetheless, fans of Ed Sheeran and Jamie Woon will find some of what they like within J.J's music.

You can check out 'With You' here on Soundcloud:

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