'Freedom' is the new protest song from Beldon Haigh- railing against the 45 president of the United States, Donald Trump.

I'm sure there's thousands of people out there who've been waiting for something like this and Beldon's song is a call to arms to stand up for your principles as a human being. It questions the values that President Trump is putting across, asking most predominantly, whether this is the kind of image we want to project to our children? Something Beldon feels strongly about, as a father of three.

Haigh's songwriting prowess stems from his time in the 80s, playing with bands such as Mikifin and Boxing Clever. Having honed his craft for a number of years, Beldon decided to take some time out to write his new album and 'Freedom' is one of the outcomes.

Supposedly, the idea for the song came to him in a dream and so Beldon was hasty to get it written down before he forgot it. It only took him twenty minutes.

Watch the video for 'Freedom' here:

With influences such as Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Al Stewart, Cat Stevens, Lou Reed and pop acts like Elbow, Tears For Fears, Del Amitri, and The Waterboys, Beldon has a strong inspirational pedigree that becomes evident upon listening to his powerful and emotional song writing.

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