Hailing from all the way down under in Australia, Lisa Richards is casting her brand of endearing and enchanting jazz-pop across the rest of the world with her new album 'A Light From The Other Side'.

After a turbulent childhood and upbringing, Richards has found her calling in the world of music and it's almost a shame she didn't start sooner!

Instantly, the first you'll notice about Lisa is her one of a kind voice which is nothing less than inimitable. There is a gentleness, yet individuality of timbre in her vocals which are difficult to describe. Despite this, they fit in perfectly with her laid-back, easy listening, jazz influenced style of music. Lovers of Norah Jones will be sure to find what they love in Lisa's music too.

Richards is the kind of artist you'd have imagined to be around in jazz circles many years ago and this simply shows the way in which she has reinvented the genre for modern audiences.

You can watch the video for 'Frank Sinatra' here:


'A Light From the Other Side' is out 21st April.







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