Having already accrued 4 albums to his name, Adam Lanceley is not one to slack when it comes to writing music. It seems that the London based singer-songwriter is simply a machine, churning out track after track. But Adam's new EP 'Back To The Sunshine' displays a musician who has come a long way since his beginnings in the industry and now he is donating all proceeds of the record to charity.

When Adam was young, he was involved in a horrific car accident that left him fighting for his life. He sustained severe head injuries and his family were informed that he would probably not walk or talk again. In lieu of this, Adam has shown the utmost determination in recovering, proving those doctors wrong, and now he even runs 10k races and marathons for charity.

Consequently, Adam decided to donate all net proceeds from 'Back To The Sunshine' to the Brain and Spine Foundation, a charity he was worked with in the past and one that means a lot to him.

When writing his music, Adam is influenced by a mix of factors: everything from topical and relevant events to personal experiences from the present day, as well as his younger years. For example, destinations such as Yorkshire and Devon, amongst other places, have provided Adam with fountains of ideas that he has turned into intriguing and meaningful lyrics, attributing ordinary places with mystical grandeur and reflecting fond memories from his childhood.

'Back To The Sunshine' is out 7th April.







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