In the run up to to releasing his debut solo album, Welsh singer-songwriter James Kennedy has dropped his emotional new video for the single 'Unconditional'.

Kennedy was formerly part of the hardcore rock group Kyshera, but non-stop touring led to him suffering from bouts of depression, forcing him to take a break from music.

However, incidentally it was whilst James was gathering his thoughts that he found the inspiration to get back to songwriting and pen his new album, 'Home'. The process became a form of therapy for Kennedy and it was within just a few months that he had written, recorded and mastered the album.

The record takes a distinct diversion from James' roots in hardcore rock, moving away from the aggression of the genre towards a a softer form of rock, with more pop-hooks. As a result, Kennedy's quality as a musician is demonstrated through his versatility in style and he has looked to himself and his deeper feelings to inspire much of the material on 'Home'.

The new video for 'Unconditional' is a real tearjerker, showing the love between human beings, whether that be between man and woman, mother and son, or even human and dog.

If you want to get to know James a little better then why not watch his 'twinterview' where he answers questions posed to him by his twitter followers:


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