Having released his americana-folk album, 'Call Me The Moon' recently, Belgian singer-songwriter Mark L. Oakes has been busy making the video for his single, 'Shredded Jeans' which you can see here:

With simple, no-frills black and white visuals accompanying the beautifully crafted track, Mark succeeds in drawing the emotion out through the picturesque landscapes seen in the video.

Not only this, but since Mark has labelled the album as perfect for a 'karmic road trip', the video seems only fitting to feature Mark wandering, in search of something, unknown, in the wilderness.

Bringing back a seemingly forgotten style of easy-listening, folk music, Mark's style is one for the nostalgic listeners, reliving the days of Neil Young and James Taylor. Despite this, Mark is also influenced by more contemporary musicians such as Tom Petty and Ryan Adams.

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