Tsunami Section is the musical vehicle of Anna Chiara and Felicia Singson, who create an old-skool, retro disco style of pop that takes you back to the good ol' days.

This certainly isn't to say that their music is dated by any means, the duo take influence from an era of pop music that thrived on catchy hooks and danceable beats and these are exactly the things Tsunami Section employ in their contemporary-disco style.

'Keep My Spinning Wheel' is he kind of track that will get stuck in your head because of the superbly-crafted pop chorus but it also has a deeper meaning. The track focuses on the idea of karma and whilst it is often discussed in negative terms, Tsunami Section look to the bright side of it, pushing forward the idea that no matter what live throws at you, there will always be another chance.

Clearly, the girls of Tsunami Section, along with writer, Oliver Fell-Holden, know what makes a good pop track and they've tapped into the formula by using the song title 'Keep My Spinning Wheel' as the infectious hook that underpins the track. The classic use of instrumentation is subtly altered through the use of a brass section that adds another level to the song. From this, you can tell that Tsunami Section aren't trying to do anything 'out there' with their music, but this is possibly the best thing about them; they aim to make great pop music that gets people up and dancing and this is certainly the case with 'Keep My Spinning Wheel.'

Listen to 'Keep My Spinning Wheel' here:

The duo are no stranger to live performance either, having taken their music to over 100 venues across India, in places such as Delhi, Mizoram and Gurgaon.

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