If you haven't heard of Pimlican, then allow us to introduce you. Combining elements from a wide range of genres including R&B, pop and dance, Pimlican is a unique music collective that utilises the talents of a number of musicians.

The idea behind Pimlican is that anyone can join and contribute to the group as long as they have something to offer musically and something to add to the live shows. With this open minded approach to songwriting, Pimlican are able to create catchy, hook-oriented music that draws on a number of styles.

Their new single, 'Runaw'y' picks up where the group left off with 'B'ck 4 More/P'lya' which was released last May, employing a danceable beat with a memorable vocal line that will be stuck in your head for days. In addition to this, Pimlican have experimented with unusual instrumentation in 'Runaw'y' as well as using rap to complement the overall vibe of the track.

Listen to 'Runaw'y' here:

The reputation that Pimlican have built has seen their music feature on Tom Robinson's Radio 6 show, BBC Introducing, as well as BBC Radio Leeds.

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