Are you in a band? Do you own a venue? Or are you just a die-hard music fan who loves going to gigs? If you answered yes to any of the above questions then I strongly recommend that you hear what we have to say on the platform aiming to revolutionize the music industry: Bandzit.

As the brainchild of Phil Wilson, Bandzit is a website and app that brings people from every facet of the music industry together, so that they can interact and perform a multitude of career boosting actions.

For example, as a band, you can search for gig slots, new band members or even buy and sell gear. Venues benefit from the ability to book new and exciting artists, especially when they have a last minute cancellations, and if you're just a gig-goer, then you can buy your tickets here with no more than a £1 booking fee.

As well as this, there's nothing new to learn in terms of user interface. Bandzit will employ a familiar social media setup, with a wall, newsfeed and the classic liking and following functions that allow users to interact with other members in the industry.

One of the main ideas is to help bands by cutting out the need of a booking agent; they can directly message venues looking for gigs, but at the same time, gigs will come to them via their inbox. As a result, Bandzit is forming a network where musicians, venues and agencies retain their customer and fan bases and build momentum from each event, rather than creating stand-alone events.

The platform will also allow you to effectively promote your event by reaching out to a music specific community whilst building and maintaining a dedicated following.

Bandzit was created by musicians and fans themselves with 2 main philosophies – make event creation and management simple, and make the fans pay less!

If you're interested in hearing more from Bandzit, you can sign up to join here, once the website goes live:

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