If you think you've heard the name Glenn Harrold before, then it might be because, as well as a musician, he is also a multi-million selling self-help author and hypnotherapist. His hypnosis and meditation downloads and apps have sold over 7 million copies worldwide. He has also written seven books, which have been published by major publishers Orion and McGraw Hill.

Glenn has been keeping his musical talents under the radar, but now he is unveiling them to the world with the new easy listening single, 'The Wayfarer'. Also featuring the clean and crisp vocals of Dean Rhymes, 'The Wayfarer' tells the inspiring story of the peace pilgrim who spent much of her life walking across America, all in the name of peace.

With beautifully constructed melodies and classic instrumentation, Glenn's quality as a musician and songwriting abilities are undeniable and perhaps he shouldn't have kept them covered up so long!

Glenn’s huge sales in the self-help world have given him a great platform to launch a songwriting career. The songs Glenn writes are inspired by many of the things that have influenced his self-help books and apps such as human consciousness, spirituality, shamanism, ayahuasca, raising consciousness, Krishna consciousness, peace, love and veganism.

Watch the video for 'The Wayfarer' here:








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