By Madeline O'Shea

Not going to lie. The prospect of a gig in a laundrette is both exciting and slightly worrying. Especially when the place is a hole in the wall in Kemp Town and it's The Smoking Hearts, a band whose live performances have become renowned for their high-octane, balls-out aggression, or in other words breaking shit in the name of rock and roll.

Live Review by Helen Tytherleigh

The Cockpit isn't the biggest of venues in Leeds, but because of its small size it has an intimate atmosphere that makes gigs just that bit more special. Tonight's show was in the second biggest room, the biggest being used as a backstage area for the bands. There was a fair turnout despite the obscurity of the line-up - progressive metal can be quite an acquired taste.

Review by Sean Mackey

Brixton Academy is renowned for being a great venue for any live music event, and Nero was no exception. Having a number one album and number one single in the form of ‘Promises’ on their shoulders, I think it was safe to expectations were high for a good show.

Review by Madeline O'Shea

In the swanky quarters of Under The Bridge, the Chelsea stadium venue in London, Brighton based blues rockers Liquid Fuse opened an evening of good ol' fashioned rock and roll with an air tight performance worthy of a band twice their age. Playing material from their Loaded Gun EP, as well as several covers, including The Kinks' 'You Really Got Me', they delivered the goods with gusto and confidence, hyping the crowd for the main attraction.

Performing tracks from his new album 'Mind Cage' as well as from his previous effort 'Fundamental Darkness', Nico Tamburella, was a commanding presence and a force to be reckoned with from the outset. If there was any inkling of doubt regarding Nico being one of the greatest guitar players around, uncertainty was dispelled with the first note and chord struck.




As it should do with any world class shredder, the highlight of the evening was his solos, which were in good supply - innovative, creative, spontaneous, and most importantly interesting. Bassist Danni Stanner and Nico's son Gianluca held down the rhythm section while vocalist Geoff Paice dominated the speakers with his powerful voice. At one point UFO bass player Pete Way joined Nico and crew on stage for a creative cover of 'Hey Joe', the high energy performance ending up with Pete jamming on the floor with Nico soon joining him. Unwilling to simply repeat songs verbatim, another cover highlight was a rendition of AC/DC's 'Highway to Hell' which saw the crowd singing along with the band.

All things considered, it was a solid and vibrant performance hinting at the waves Nico and co. are going to make in the metal world.

For more info on Nico Tamburella, visit

Review by Madeline O'Shea

In true Indie style, newcomers fiN are not releasing a début album, instead they're putting out 7” vinyl double A-sides with various inventors and innovators emblazoned across the covers. Tonight marked the first of the six 7”s being unleashed upon the world: “The Artisan”/“It Changes Everything”. “The Artisan” is the serious, epic, instrumental piece of the two (i.e. BBC commercial music) whereas “It Changes Everything” is the fun one with the catchy riff. During the gig fiN proved they had the pop sensibilities to get them airplay yet managed to underpin each song with their own fiery intent.


The Jerzey Street Band have been tipped for great things for a few months now by those in the know on the Manchester live circuit , but this was London’s first opportunity to see and hear what all the fuss is about and the ‘Jerzey Boys’ did not disappoint the packed Water Rats crowd.

From the opening bars of Pale Blue River, to the anthemic song of the new single Wasting Time, David Wrobel along with his Brother Neil led the band through a musical journey that had the crowd literally shouting for more! A journey that took them on a road travelled by the likes of the legendary Bruce Springsteen and Steve Earle along with a blend of The Eagles and The Rolling Stones not to mention touches of Ryan Adams and Counting Crows .


Thanks to JBO for this review of New Found Affection at The Luxe and who is obviously a 'big fan' - check out the video at the end of their last single.

In this ostentatiously dark basement, beyond the mirrors, lip gloss and over-priced booze, we stand in wait; herds of gorgeous people, acquiring prime spots in a room that seems to twitch with excitement on this lazy Sunday afternoon in Shoreditch.  

NEW FOUND AFFECTION step up, fronted by feverish neon and oozing seduction. A red satin dress and big hair are indicators that this is going to be worth the wait.


I am writing this having just returned from Café Drummond after watching ‘Pulled Apart by Horses’, ‘Gay for Johnny Depp’ and ‘Young Legionnaire’. My ears are still ringing and my body is aching but oddly, these expected and much dreaded factors are not bothering me as much I had anticipated. If I am being completely honest with you all, I was dubious to say the least about going to this gig.


If ever I wonder why I've run a studio for the last 31 years, tonight was a great reminder. It's because I love great Rock and Roll music and it doesn't come much better than this. For the 4th July, The Dublin Castle put on two great bands with strong American connections. One of them I know pretty well and the other was a joyous surprise.


Muse Final Night of Tour O2 Arena Docklands


The night didn't start off well as I set off to watch The Best Act in the World Today (according to Q magazine). Capital Connect had a revised timetable (i.e. cancelled several of the trains due to driver shortage) which meant that when I arrived the support band was already playing.


Echo and the Bunnymen at the Roundhouse Review


When you go along to your favourite venue to watch an Iconic band from the early 80's your expectations are inevitably high. If you've not seen them for over 20 years, you really don't know quite what to expect. Well if you were at the Roundhouse for Echo and the Bunnymen, you were in for a treat. Ian McCulloch proved once again that he's still got it. Clearly everyone's highlights were classics such as The Cutter and The Killing Moon, which sound as fresh today as they did all those years ago.


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