AC/DC's 'Long way to the top(if you wanna rock n roll)'fades out. The Lights drop, the audience deafening with screams and cheers, but these are no normal cheers, these are the gutteral, heavy and deep grunts and chants that only 1 type of fan posseses. These are Metallica fans, here for the 2nd date of their london O2 show. As a fan of Metallica releases(St.Anger still at the bottom of the pile), i was ready to hear the charging and exhilerating sounds of James Hetfields ESP Guitar rip through the venue. kirks solo's brightening the overall delivery, Lars Pulsating and pounding tempos and not forgetting Rob Trujillo's anamilistic stage presence was just the thing i needed on a tuesday night. Opening with the first single off of their new album 'Hardwired To Self-Destruct', they had every eye locked on them, allowing to make way into old classics such as 'Seek and Destroy' and 'Fade to Black'. Metallica aimed to make it an outstanding night, and did they succeed?, lets just say by the time 'Master of Puppets' was being played i had lost both of my friends i had gone with, i was being thrown and pushed inside one of the most sweaty moshpits ever and i was having trouble seeing anything clearly, so overall....Success!

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