Controversial rock act The Soap Girls came to Cambridge last Wednesday where they played a predictably wild gig at The Portland Arms.

Often performing topless and promoting themes of feminism, the girls didn’t hold back despite the intimate venue putting on a raucous and energetic performance. The crowd participation was equally fantastic – one man doing wheelies in his wheelchair, another man going up on stage to drink from a penis-shaped chalice.

It was all very exciting stuff – The Soap Girls bringing a sense of danger and edginess back to rock and roll. And musically they’re superb – the belting vocals and loud riffage meeting a record quality whilst carrying all the rawness and viscera that a live setting brings.

The girls are currently on a UK tour. Merging the gutsiness of punk, the aggression of metal and the musicianship of classic rock, this is a band that all rock fans should be checking out! There really is no group like The Soap Girls.

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