Cambridge based alternative pop artist Sarah Kayte Foster (aka Daisy and the Dark) is more than simply a singer but a true performer. That much was certainly clear from Friday’s gig at the esteemed Miranda music venue located in the basement of the Ace Hotel in London.

Entering the venue was truly like take a trip down the rabbit hole. Greeted by fairy lights, mirrors and candles, it was immediately evident that we were all going to be in for an enchanting show. And that’s certainly what we got!

Taking to the stage in a sparkling glitter-ball dress, the first three songs saw her joined by an array dancers and luminous hula hoops. She then proceeded to wear a pair of butterfly wings, stars of light bouncing off in a kaleidoscopic effect.

Combined with her dreamy vocals and a theatrical and eclectic mix of instrumentation, it made for quite a magical experience. ‘Red Planet’ stands out as a peak moment in the setlist, booming percussion and guitars rattling the room accompanied by Daisy’s supernatural vocals, ending with an ethereal lone violin.

Transporting the audience to her mystical world, she put on a truly captivating show. It was a big turnout and she had us all hypnotised. Her influences are clearly the likes of Bjork and David Bowie (a quote from the late musical icon even made up the backdrop to the show) and she certainly seems like an artist with an exciting future. A fantastic experience all round!

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