Having only really come across Si Cranstoun since he signed to East West and became a Radio 2 favourite I have not experienced his classic Vintage pop style but last night I was able to witness one of his live performances for the first time. With his background as a street busker, I had been told he really had a feel for a crowd and now I realise how true this is. The sell out crowd consisting of trendies, lindyhoppers, grey guys and the hair style brigade just flipped with his easy going attitude and chocolate vocal emphasising, this guy could be around for a long time. His new album 'Modern Life' was pretty much showcased but there were some classic rock n roll numbers as well but it was his tremendously catchy new selection of songs like 'Dance For Evermore, his latest single, 'Never going to let you go' and 'Tick Tock', that gave the crowd what they wanted. Needless to say, I had again been informed that once in your head his songs are hard to shake and this was definitely the case as I subconsciously hummed his set on the way to the tube.

'Dance For Evermore': http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEIaFa3oPGc

Si has the natural ability of interacting with a crowd that is for sure, and had everyone on their feet dancing and singing along as they watched him jiving around on stage with his infectious grin. It's fair to say all the ladies in the audience were loving every minute of it!

If you haven't yet seen him live, or even heard his music, do go take a listen as you won't be disappointed.

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