Gracing the Crossroads Stage in the tender hours of Sunday morning, Si Cranstoun’s set at the Secret Garden Party will go down as one of the highlights of the weekend. Cranstoun’s vintage rock ‘n’ roll sound immediately captured the crowd’s attention and had the tent bouncing for the duration.

A born showman – donned in a dazzling bright red suit for this performance– Cranstoun and his band embodied the sound of the 1950’s. Opening proceedings with the infectious ‘Mary Lou’, the toe-tapping number saw horns, double bass and Si’s distinct vocals combining to great effect. Commanding the stage with a range of deft moves, the crowd were swept up in the atmosphere and energy of the band.

Fans of Cranstoun were treated to a number of his celebrated tunes within the 15-track set. Notably, recent single ‘Coupe de Ville’ and his classic ‘Dynamo’ track were received well by the audience. ‘Ella Hula Hula’ was most certainly a high-point to the performance. Set between rhythmic guitar and melodic horns, Cranstoun’s easily memorable chorus resonated with the very vocal crowd.

The stormy weather certainly was no dampener on Cranstoun’s set - a worry which may have been apprehended by the band. If anything, this was a blessing to them as increased numbers of festival-goers found themselves housed in the warm vibes of the Crossroads Tent. Nestled among his own material, Si and his band treated the crowd to versions of Ray Charles’ ‘I Got A Woman’ and, for his encore, Jackie Wilson’s ‘Reet Petite’ – the latter just one of the rock ‘n’ roll legends who Si has received comparisons with.

Effortlessly carrying off first-class musicianship with a performance to suit, Si Cranstoun and his band showed why they are one the hottest groups around right now. With plenty more shows arranged for 2013; make sure you see Si Cranstoun in a town near you. 

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