AC/DC's 'Long way to the top(if you wanna rock n roll)'fades out. The Lights drop, the audience deafening with screams and cheers, but these are no normal cheers, these are the gutteral, heavy and deep grunts and chants that only 1 type of fan posseses. These are Metallica fans, here for the 2nd date of their london O2 show. As a fan of Metallica releases(St.Anger still at the bottom of the pile), i was ready to hear the charging and exhilerating sounds of James Hetfields ESP Guitar rip through the venue. kirks solo's brightening the overall delivery, Lars Pulsating and pounding tempos and not forgetting Rob Trujillo's anamilistic stage presence was just the thing i needed on a tuesday night. Opening with the first single off of their new album 'Hardwired To Self-Destruct', they had every eye locked on them, allowing to make way into old classics such as 'Seek and Destroy' and 'Fade to Black'. Metallica aimed to make it an outstanding night, and did they succeed?, lets just say by the time 'Master of Puppets' was being played i had lost both of my friends i had gone with, i was being thrown and pushed inside one of the most sweaty moshpits ever and i was having trouble seeing anything clearly, so overall....Success!
Friday night saw Carina Round take the stage at London’s, The Lexington for what was a crowd pleasing and impressive performance.

Opening with some ethereal waves and a moon projected onto the background behind her, we could not see her face but simply hear her beautifully controlled voice. She started her set with ‘The Secret of Drowning’ which really set the scene for the rest of the show and created an unearthly yet intimate atmosphere.

The first half of the show was very relaxed with Carina laughing and joking with the crowd and telling us how she was very nervous, which did not show I hasten to add, and heavily featured slower more free styled songs. The show took a different avenue when she played some more upbeat tracks which went down very well with the crowd who ended up all singing along.

The room was very busy and was the perfect display of, quite deservedly, just how much of a fan base Carina has! Many people in the room knew every song, but even if you didn’t it did not detract from the beauty of her voice and music. All of the tracks she played, including an unreleased one from the band that she plays in, were well received by the crowd and I was even stood in front of a couple who were delighted to tell me that Carina had even played in their front room!

All in all the evening was a long one with Carina playing for more than 90 minutes, but every second was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone! I would recommend you check out Carina’s upcoming tour dates and head along if you can, she certainly is the kind of artist you need to see live to fully appreciate. Her tour dates are below along with her social media links so you can keep up to date with what she is up to.





Tour Dates:

August 9th- The Louisiana, Bristol

August 10th- The Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes

August 11th- Green Door Store, Brighton
Controversial rock act The Soap Girls came to Cambridge last Wednesday where they played a predictably wild gig at The Portland Arms.

Often performing topless and promoting themes of feminism, the girls didn’t hold back despite the intimate venue putting on a raucous and energetic performance. The crowd participation was equally fantastic – one man doing wheelies in his wheelchair, another man going up on stage to drink from a penis-shaped chalice.

It was all very exciting stuff – The Soap Girls bringing a sense of danger and edginess back to rock and roll. And musically they’re superb – the belting vocals and loud riffage meeting a record quality whilst carrying all the rawness and viscera that a live setting brings.

The girls are currently on a UK tour. Merging the gutsiness of punk, the aggression of metal and the musicianship of classic rock, this is a band that all rock fans should be checking out! There really is no group like The Soap Girls.

Cambridge Live, organisers of the Cambridge Folk Festival, have confirmed that the 2016 event has now completely sold out, continuing a 23 year tradition.

Now in its 52nd year, the Cambridge Folk Festival remains one of the most enduring and popular folk festivals in the world, bringing an eclectic mix of outstanding artists from around the world to Cambridge. Each year over 14,000 people attend the Festival at its beautiful location in the grounds of Cherry Hinton Hall. Tickets for the event went on sale in December 2015 with the first names announced in February 2016.

Cambridge Live has advised customers without a ticket not to travel to the event as no tickets will be available for purchase at the gate over the Festival weekend. However non ticket holders still wishing to get a flavour of the event can listen to BBC Radio 2, who will be broadcasting a Festival round up on The Folk Show with Mark Radcliffe between 7–8pm on Wednesday 3 August. In addition, Mark Radcliffe and Julie Fowlis will be presenting highlights for Sky Arts for future broadcast on the channel.

This year sees the Festival underline some of its core values. It has always championed musicians, be they world renowned headliners or up and coming young artists, and the new Sessions Café provides another space for acoustic sessions within an Indian-styled tent offering great food and drinks, free Wi-Fi and late night opening.

Cambridge is collaborating with Sligo Live, Ireland’s premier folk, roots and indie music festival, in hosting ‘open sessions’, led by six of Ireland’s finest, young traditional musicians, during the afternoons and after main stage performances. This focus on inclusion is enhanced by the many, varied workshops taking place over the weekend, from singing, songwriting and playing to arts and crafts. The new lower-priced Youth tickets are aimed at encouraging young people to participate.  

The themes of social justice, fairness and tolerance which are always close to the Festival’s heart are explored in a programme peppered with artists renowned for their strong views. There are also special talks and performances including a talk from members of ‘Songs of Separation’ explaining the personal, political and social themes behind the project and ‘Conversation, Music and Social Conscience’, a songwriting workshop from O’Hooley & Tiddow exploring how their music approaches these themes.

Pushing forward with its environmental and ethical goals, the Festival is now an associate of A Greener Festival having been one of the few events awarded Outstanding for its environmental performance in the Greener Festival Awards in previous years. Plus the Festival is involved with Attitude is Everything, an organisation which improves Deaf and disabled people’s access to live music by working in partnership with audiences, artists and the music industry. Neil Jones, Operations Director for Cambridge Live, said, “We’re pleased to announce that once again the Cambridge Folk Festival is a total sell out. In an ever competitive market place is fantastic to have such support from our loyal audiences who we look forward to welcoming to this year’s event”.

Cambridge based alternative pop artist Sarah Kayte Foster (aka Daisy and the Dark) is more than simply a singer but a true performer. That much was certainly clear from Friday’s gig at the esteemed Miranda music venue located in the basement of the Ace Hotel in London.

Entering the venue was truly like take a trip down the rabbit hole. Greeted by fairy lights, mirrors and candles, it was immediately evident that we were all going to be in for an enchanting show. And that’s certainly what we got!

Taking to the stage in a sparkling glitter-ball dress, the first three songs saw her joined by an array dancers and luminous hula hoops. She then proceeded to wear a pair of butterfly wings, stars of light bouncing off in a kaleidoscopic effect.

Combined with her dreamy vocals and a theatrical and eclectic mix of instrumentation, it made for quite a magical experience. ‘Red Planet’ stands out as a peak moment in the setlist, booming percussion and guitars rattling the room accompanied by Daisy’s supernatural vocals, ending with an ethereal lone violin.

Transporting the audience to her mystical world, she put on a truly captivating show. It was a big turnout and she had us all hypnotised. Her influences are clearly the likes of Bjork and David Bowie (a quote from the late musical icon even made up the backdrop to the show) and she certainly seems like an artist with an exciting future. A fantastic experience all round!

‘Don’t Judge Me’ is the kind of tune you listen to sipping on a Martini with a twist in an expensive hotel bar while getting ready for a night out in Vegas. Swiss Hip Hop artist Bassman75 is not one for putting himself into the chains of self-restraint. “Welcome to the fast life, this is my last ride”, he sings emphasising that this is the way to go for him.

The upbeat party track celebrates a world of champagne laden rascality as most fittingly expressed by The Wolfpack in the Hangover movies. Bassman75’s message is clear: spend all your money and have a good time – live fast, die young. Underlined by an energetic hip hop dance beat this song defines what it means to be young and reckless.

Wednesday night was a very special evening for Irish five piece Jupe as they played their debut UK gig at famous London music venue, The Garage. They were the first band to play (never an easy task), but they held their own and put on a memorable show. They did a great job of getting the crowd going and we’re full of verve and energy.

Harnessing their Irish charm, they guys weren’t shy to interact with the punters and it’s certain to say they left with more fans than they arrived with. Having previously shared the stage with the likes of Mumford and Sons and Toto, to name a few, it was no surprise that they know just how to rock a venue.

There were a few Irish accents detected in the crowd, so it seems the guys are already drawing in some ex-pat fans of their own.

The guys opened the set with new single ‘Rocket’. The track is a hit in the making and already sounds like a chart topper.

Likened to The Script and Maroon 5, the band delivers a catchy pop-rock sound that will be stuck in your head for days!

Set List:
Green Light
Number One
Can't Get Enough
Transformer Superman
Don’t Wait Up
Across The World
Happy Endings

If you haven’t had the pleasure of hearing the guys yet, check out forthcoming single ‘Rocket’ here

Really looking forward to the guys returning to the UK soon. In the mean time you can keep up with them here:

Twitter: @JupeMusic

A London based four piece with a love of all things soul, Mama Moonshine are a band tailor made for swaying between funk jams and blues rhythms. This is a group who take in all kinds of influences – from the dusky likes of Ella Fitzgerald and Aretha, to the funk rock stylings of the Black Keys and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers – each member has their own unique sound, when moulded together creates a distinct and elevated tone.

Upcoming Gigs:
17th Jan: Camden Enterprise (showcase)
7th Feb: Apothecary, Lancaster Music Festival
14th Feb: Troy Bar, Shoreditch (TBC. This is our residency)
24th Feb: Antwerp Mansions, Manchester.

Twitter: @mama_moonshine
Instagram: @mama_moonshine_ruth

Having only really come across Si Cranstoun since he signed to East West and became a Radio 2 favourite I have not experienced his classic Vintage pop style but last night I was able to witness one of his live performances for the first time. With his background as a street busker, I had been told he really had a feel for a crowd and now I realise how true this is. The sell out crowd consisting of trendies, lindyhoppers, grey guys and the hair style brigade just flipped with his easy going attitude and chocolate vocal emphasising, this guy could be around for a long time. His new album 'Modern Life' was pretty much showcased but there were some classic rock n roll numbers as well but it was his tremendously catchy new selection of songs like 'Dance For Evermore, his latest single, 'Never going to let you go' and 'Tick Tock', that gave the crowd what they wanted. Needless to say, I had again been informed that once in your head his songs are hard to shake and this was definitely the case as I subconsciously hummed his set on the way to the tube.


Temple Island Festival
temple island

Temple Island arena was one of the biggest hits of last year and is now set for return this summer for a Desert Island Disco rinse!

This second event is being hosted by urban music station, SBTV. A hedonistic vision of paradise, this gig is all about having fun all weekend.



Currently touring the UK with The Overtones, Si Cranstoun is a vocalist and songwriter who has built a following on the 'retro' circuit with his dancehall swing music style. With a profile that always seems to be on the rise, Cranstoun's last album 'Dancehalls & Supper Clubs' was crammed full up top quality original tracks, but he's using this tour to showcase brand new music from an upcoming album with Warners.


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