Western-style pop and rock first began appearing on the streets of Mongolia’s capital Ulaanbaatar in the 1970s, but attempts by local musicians to create a sound along similar lines were initially compromised under the communist regime. Following the country’s break from the Soviet Union in 1991, music provided new means of expression for its first generation to grow up in a democratic society. With local audiences limited by Mongolia’s relatively small population, local bands began developing their own distinctive voices, exploring such issues as cultural and national identity and their place in a globalised world while integrating traditional methods of instrumentation such as overtone singing and horse-head fiddle-playing into their music.


Asia House is delighted to announce the full programme of the Asia House Film Festival 2016, once again generously supported by Prudential plc. This year’s theme of ‘Breaking Boundaries’ will be reflected in the diverse programme of 19 films, which include five European and six UK premieres. All of the films will be shown in London for the first time.

The Festival, now in its eighth year, will take place from 22 February to 5 March, and includes 11 feature films, three documentaries and five short films coming out of countries including Japan, China, Kazakhstan, Myanmar and Afghanistan.


British indie short ‘A Dozen Summers’ from director Kenton Hall has been slected for the prestigious Mill Valley Film Festival in California. This charming children’s comedy following the trials and tribulations of a pair of tween girls is side splittingly funny and charming in equal measure.

A Dozen Summers is a co-production of Monkey Basket Films & Poppy Jack Productions, in association with Seven/Five Productions and Hathi Productions. It is written and directed by Kenton Hall, produced by Alexzandra Jackson and Kenton Hall and stars Scarlet Hall, Hero Hall, Colin Baker (Doctor Who), Ewen MacIntosh (The Office), Sarah Warren (M.L.E.) and Kenton Hall (The Honourable Rebel, Les Miserables, Father to Fall).

‘A Dozen Summers’ screens at Mill Valley on October 10th and October 18th.

“A Dozen Summers”, an independently-produced low-budget children’s comedy, has been selected to screen at the 38th edition of the prestigious Mill Valley Film Festival in Mill Valley, California.

The festival, which opens with a screening of Tom Hooper’s The Danish Girl starring Eddie Redmayne and closes with a screening of “Suffragette” directed by Sarah Gavron, is considered an important date in the film festival calendar, and has an enviable track record for selecting Academy Award-winning films.


Herbie the Hound is the new childrens programme created by Vicky Brooks with help from Superstar Pets. It’s all about a British dog called Herbie with a French specialness about him. He has little outbursts of “ooh la la’s” and other French words in a French accent which are random and hilarious! The First episode is all about his first day at school and the adventures he gets up to!

The show is aimed at 3-5 year olds and aims to help children in hospitals smile. It has a wonderful charm to it, being very joyful and silly. It is also great for young kids who are starting to learn as it teaches them to be nice and share with other people as Herbie makes new friends on his adventures. He teaches kids the importance of going to school and learning, showing them it can be a fun experience. His Frenchyness is also teaching kids how to speak some French! With every outburst he says French words and explains their meanings, in this episode he teaches kids how to count up to 4 in French. It’s very engaging for young children too, as each character asks you ‘not to forget them’ and at the end of the episode Herbie quizzes you on who he made friends with that day, a lovely little challenge to get the kids thinking!

The Animation used gives it a lifelike cuteness to it, having used pictures of animals including the real Herbie! These pictures are animated by Superstar Pets who take a unique approach to animation which creates fantastic results! Herbie Hound is a wonderfully charming character that your kids will fall in love with instantly!

Brought to life by the animation skills of World renowned Superstar Pets, Herbie Hound is a new animated series following the adventures of adorable Herbie – a French breed of pup with a British upbringing whose very special character ‘specialness’ comes out when things get exciting!

Superstar Pets, have previously worked on animations for BBC Children in Need, Simon Cowell and Michael Ball among others. They are the only company in the World who create movies using this animation technique, using the unique approach of animating photos to talk and sing, lending an extra layer of charm to Herbie Hound’s adventures.

The series is the brainchild of Vicky Brook, a mother whose life took a dramatic turn when she had to unexpectedly give up a six-figure executive salary and high powered job to care full time for her youngest daughter Florence.

Florence, now 16, has had complex medical and mental health needs since the age of just six weeks, while older sister Emily, 21, was diagnosed at 17 with Addisons Disease.

Over the years, Vicky has relied heavily on the help of Birmingham Children’s Hospital for support with Florence, Vicky is also very excited that the Dogs Trust are supporting the project, acknowledging the important therapeutic role that family dogs can have in times of distress, and in her search for ideas to give something back for all their hard work she hit upon the concept of an animated series starring their very own family dog Herbie.

“Dogs Trust is delighted to be teaming up with Herbie Hound. He has been an amazing companion and friend to Vicky and her children and demonstrates the bond between us and our dogs. The tale of Herbie will hopefully provide a happy distraction for hundreds of children whilst in hospital and bring a smile to their faces, just as it did ours.” –Hannah Baker, Dogs Trust

The series will be launched in London with the help of Pop Star Natasha Hamilton of Atomic Kitten who was touched by Vicky’s tale:

“I heard about Vicky’s story, and the inspiration behind creating this very special Herbie Hound character, it really struck a chord with me. When I saw the first animated episode I was blown away, it’s wonderful. I’m really pleased and excited to be asked to help with the launch and the series deserves to be a great success”

To launch Herbie Hound’s story, Natasha will be available for photo opportunity and interview at the Dorchester Hotel in London on the 16th April 11.0 am – 1.0 pm.

The animated series will also be accompanied by storybooks starring Herbie Hound on his many adventures.

All ten episodes of the new series will be available to purchase on the Herbie Hound website, shortly followed by the story books, with a percentage of the proceeds going to Dog’s Trust & Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

And with plans also underway for a merchandising range, these 10 Herbie Hound adventures are just the beginning!


Teaser :Herbie Teaser

Website: Herbie Websire

Forty years have passed since The Wicker Man was released, the "best British horror film ever made” according to Empire Magazine. This 1973 horror classic, though the horror is as more psychological than physical, tends to stick in the mind of anyone who watches it and is much more highly regarded now than when it was released, unlike the rather poor 2006 remake with Nicolas Cage. This anniversary expanded and restored edition then is very much to be welcomed.


Let's cut to the chase, in this writer's opinion Blue Jasmine is one of Woody Allen’s darkest and best films yet. A post financial meltdown morality tale set in San Francisco, it tells the story of two adopted sisters – the exquisitely beautiful and vacuous Jasmine, (nee Jeanette), played to perfection by Cate Blanchett and good-hearted, working-class Ginger, charmingly acted by Sally Hawkins.


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