Quite Great, the temple of PR, marketing, what's right and what's wrong, have added a new strand to their on-going TV channel - Does it Suck? Providing reviews of everything from tech to arcane gadgets; to new drinks to new toothpaste, it's your rough guide to yesterday's vision of tomorrow...today! Irreverent but with genuinely honest views, we highly recommend subscribing to their channel to avoid disappointment!


Enough of skirting around the subject, it's a given fact that you can't go wrong with anything booze-related at Christmas (or anytime, frankly). Avina Wine Accessories offers a range of stylish wine tools, designed to enhance the enjoyment of wine. The range features corkscrews in various designs and colours and airtight wine stoppers with an easy push and lock mechanism to ensure no spillages - even when bottles are laid on their sides.

With cool pink and blue wing style corkscrews, four waiter’s friend openers, stoppers and glass markers, you can stock up on a range of items to care for your wine or to give as gifts this Christmas.

Rhino waiter’s corkscrew and bottle opener and stopper Price - £20.50

Link - https://shop.avinawinetools.com/collections/all-products/products/rhino-easy-wine-waiters-corkscrew-bottle-opener?variant=19841092421

Product info -

• Open wine like a sommelier • Stylish, tough double lever corkscrew and stainless steel foil cutter. • Comes in a gift box with bonus wine stopper • Removes corks effortlessly, provides excellent stability so less force is needed • Luxury craftsmanship • You break it, we replace it guarantee – never buy a corkscrew again!

Premium sparkling wine stopper Price £11.50 Link - https://shop.avinawinetools.com/collections/all-products/products/premium-champagne-stopper?variant=31160967301 Product info - • Easy to use clip and lock mechanism • Creates an airtight seal to keep the flavours fresh • Prolongs the life of your sparkling wine • Made from food grade plastic and silicone, in black and silver • Spill-proof, even when bottles are laid down on their side. • If you’re stuck for a stylish gift for the fizz lover in you life, or if you want to make sure that your Christmas or New Year Champagne stays bubbly all night long, the new Avina Sparkling Wine Stopper is the answer.

To find out more about the Avina range of wine accessories, visit www.avinawinetools.com and follow @avinawinetools on Twitter. Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/avinawinetools/ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/avina_wine/

If your kids are gaming freaks the chances are you fall into one of two camps – the geeky dad that grabs the console and competes or the baffled one that looks at the screen bemused, presses the wrong buttons and gets attacked by zombies.

As a mum of two I fall into the latter group, particularly with regard to Minecraft which to this day I fail to get. But my son’s knowledge of the game is encyclopaedic, his desire to play it borderline obsessive and the structures he create within it incredibly impressive.

And when he came home from school with a note announcing I had 24 hours to fashion a costume for World Book Day, insisting he was Steve from Minecraft, you can imagine my joy. As every good parent does I scoured the selection on Amazon Prime to see what could be delivered in the timeframe and the only possible solution were overpriced and oversized pre-printed boxes, so I wrecked the house looking for an old box instead.

You probably won’t believe me, but I did devote a whole evening to creating this…

#fail I know, but not as bad as some others I’ve seen (below) as I began my quest to find a blank BoxHead for kids to design, decorate, and wear…

So, it actually turned out no one was manufacturing blank BoxHeads anywhere in the world. Which is when I decided to take a punt.

It wasn’t as easy or as cheap as you’d expect. Specialist box manufacturers were unable to help so I had to pay an expensive design agency to create a template for the box. My first batch of 100 were manufactured in the UK and largely sold in party packs to American moms who were wiling to pay more in postage than they did for the boxes.

Having proven a need in the marketplace I then worked on logos and proper packaging and the first generation of BoxHeads came to be. They’ve sold well online and even better at events like Minevention in Ireland and The Digital Kids Show in the UK. Kids and parents love them and their creations at the shows have been amazing.

What’s great about them is both types of parents – the gamers and the non-gamers – love them. BoxHeads get kids off the console to craft and play. They give parents a well-earned break and the party packs come in well under the average kids party budget at just £60 a pop.

Our slogan is ‘much more than a box’ and they really are. We added T shirts to the line in the summer and they’re also going down a storm

So, with Christmas coming very soon and original presents hard to come by perhaps a BoxHead is just the thing for you. Visit our shop bit.ly/BHCShop today!

Do you have a unique product but need a way to promote it to a mass audience?

Fret no more! We have all the octopus-like arms you'd ever need to make it happen. Simply get in touch with us, send us your wares and we'll review it on camera, feature it on My Dad Rocks and flood social media relentlessly. Hop to it!

A smartwatch built to survive the ‘great outdoors’, this new offering from industry mainstay Casio is an impressive addition to their repertoire. Running on the Android 2.0 operating system, it boasts smart software and apps well suited for its adventurous target audience – including colour maps and GPS.

Available from John Lewis, Grand Arcade, Cambridge, from £300

If, like me your living room is cluttered with DVD players, games consoles and other TV-associated paraphernalia, it’s unlikely you’re going to want to add to this by purchasing a Karaoke machine. Fortunately, companies have cottoned on, with leading Karaoke provider, Sunfly, being the latest to bring out their own online streaming service (although you may still want to invest in a mic!).

The 7 day free trial allows users to test the water without submitting any payment details, which is always favourable when trying out a new service. Personally, I was shocked by the sheer volume of songs to choose from, with a growing selection of 15000 tracks from the likes of Justin Bieber to Jimi Hendrix. The quality of choice is pretty impressive. And the customisable player is pretty cool, allowing you to tailor the text and background for a unique experience.

A monthly fee of £4.99 follows the free trial, which certainly isn’t extortionate. Overall, it stands out as a decent service geared towards a steadily increasing trend, thanks to this generation’s ever-popular vocalist reality shows. As Sunfly is such a reliable and well-established company they are always your best Karaoke bet!

Luxurious to wear and with awesome sound quality, these cans also look good without being bulky.
Price: From £150

KEF M500 With a wide can base, these headphones give the ears room to breathe and take in the top quality sound.
Price: From £250

GRADO SR125e Retro design with modern speaker technology, these are not really suited to wearing out of the house but a great option for home based listening.
Price: From £150

Live Music Quotes is a brand new innovative and intuitive online booking and event management service providing high-end live musicians, DJs and performers.

It has been specially designed with a different sort of client in mind. Hotels, restaurants, retail outlets, wedding planners, events managers and the public can browse and book their preferred entertainer directly without the need for agents or agency fees.

livemusicquotes.com invites performers to submit quotes to play at events. Event organisers can browse their wares via links to Soundcloud and YouTube and choose the perfect fit according to budget and suitability.

As well as the Auction Service, LMQ also offer a Managed Concierge Service where their experienced team will search and match the perfect musician to suit the event.

LMQ also lease baby grand pianos to venues and book pianists to play on regular basis, all for a very affordable cost.

Both venues and performers can sign up completely free with a no obligation free quote service!

Live Music Quotes have been fantastic and our live music was excellent!” – quote from Harvey Nicholls, Manchester

Sunfly, the UK’s leading name in Karaoke technology, is set the mark its 25th Anniversary with the launch of an innovative and revolutionary browser-based streaming service which will allow every household in the UK to access its famous karaoke library through their tablets, laptops, smart phones and TVs with the aim of changing the way family members interact thanks to the service’s unique customisation and design features.

Sunfly hope that their streaming service could be the start of a ‘seismic shift’ in Saturday night entertainment, catering both for the ‘X Factor’ / ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ generation as well as the traditional karaoke fans. All ages can now create their own musical entertainment at home. “Families that sing together stay together!” apparently.

‘It is clear that with the introduction of Sunfly’s easy to use contemporary and -customisable Karaoke streaming service’ explains Head of Development, Dan Maidstone, ’every home in the country will now be able to enjoy Karaoke in a way they have never done before. Sunfly’s new service will appeal to all members of the family and everyone can create their own personal playlist from Sunfly’s 15000 strong catalogue and specially curated playlists. Unique to Sunfly – the karaoke video’s colour themes, fonts and backgrounds can be instantly changed, even during a song. The impact could be significant over the next decade, changing the face of family interaction especially at weekends .Oh and remember, Dan added, that Sunfly’s own K Box microphone and mixer is the ideal accompaniment for this service!’’

Sunfly’s streaming service is designed to capture the attention of the teenage market (who are used to consuming music and video through the likes of Spotify and YouTube) allowing them to embrace and discover the service and then introduce all the family to the joy of customised streaming karaoke.

Over the years karaoke has been viewed as something that is enjoyed in bars and clubs by primarily sozzled patrons but the Sunfly streaming service is set to change that and bring karaoke well and truly into the 21st century as well as the homes and hearts of the UK.

Try it free for seven days and then for only £4.99 a month by visiting www.sunflystreaming.com

Further information – QR and / or Dan Maidstone @ 020 8450 5544

For more information, please contact Quite Great This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Telephone: 01223 844 440

MvBii Ventures are set to launch their new range of tracker products - z-Track and z-Zap including versions for iOS and Android today. Products such as Fitbit and Misfit have clearly helped wearable technology evolve in 2016, but with the launch of the new second generation products (Z-Track and Z-Zap) the company aims to offer a new alternative to fitness tracking, focussing more on the idea of balance not just activity. MvBii Ventures have been working with David Hewson, Professor of Health and Ageing at the Institute for Health Research at the University of Bedfordshire, identifying how a strategic and structured balance between activity and rest throughout the day is better than focussing just on activity alone. If this lifestyle balance is adhered to, alongside other sensible living measures, it is believed that ‘Forty Somethings' could realistically aim to add ten years to their life expectancy.

"The Public Health England's ‘One You' campaign has just been launched amidst some controversy as to whether it's a nanny state initiative or wise advice. It's hard to ignore its bold assertion that living healthily in midlife can double your chances of being healthy at 70 and beyond amidst the claims and counter claims. "Wherever you sit on the argument of nanny state versus wise advice it's hard to dispute the growing body of evidence that supports the need for all of us to take better care of ourselves." Explains co-founder Justin Pisani.

MvBii Ventures, based in Cambridge, thinks it has a practical solution to helping solve this dilemma. Described by the company as,' a lifestyle tracker', the product launch has the mantra ‘Balance is Best" at the very heart of everything it sets out to do and is specifically designed to "make life work for you". This isn't a product just targeted at the weekend gym warriors, it is about making small but effective adjustments to the way we live our everyday lives.

"The first wave of smart wearables has in our view concentrated on the already active and offer lots of data for users with everything from steps taken, distance travelled, heart rate etc. Whilst popular we felt they were preaching to the already converted. Many of them even look a bit too much like rubber sports devices.' Continues Justin, ‘We wanted a product designed for those with demanding lives who struggle to make time to follow a regular exercise regime. To achieve the goals as outlined in initiatives like "One You", we believe you have to take your moments in the day to find ways of getting exercise or resting effectively, not just when you finally get to the gym. We're not saying burn your gym membership, our device works well in that context too, but don't just rely on that as way to feeling better. Anyway many people find that through injury or circumstance that that type of training isn't viable.'

Balance is all about looking at rhythm of activity, rest and exercise over the day and not just at the end of the day total. This can encompass taking time to get up from your computer and walking about for 5 minutes each hour instead of the more regular habit of sitting all day and then taking a long walk at the end or going for a run at the weekend.

z-Track is all about considering mind and body together not just the physical endeavour - sometimes it may be better to relax rather than doing something physical and their app even includes short relaxation routines to rapidly de-stress you. With their app it's very simple and discrete to view your balance throughout the day and you can keep a photo and text diary of your day which is a great method of finding alternative ways to do things differently or better, over time.

Overall, what z-Track is aiming to do, is allow you to be mindful of what you are REALLY doing, and how it makes you feel, and to empower YOU to decide if you want to take some small action now to keep closer to a balanced life.

MvBii Ventures co-Founder Ludo Chapman said:

"We are delighted to be unveiling our new range of Gen II products encompassing z-Track and z-Zap products. We feel the range is one of our best yet and we wanted to create a brand which fits into the lives of the people who will use it and not be a standalone piece of technology demanding your instant attention. Trials with z-Track have been really positive. We've seen some really encouraging things, things that may seem like small steps but are vital to balance and change, i.e. by simply wearing it people sub consciously get in the habit of taking the stairs at work instead of the lift and we had one man who noted he had started to walk more briskly when he was about town. They sound small things but taken over time they will help people get into that virtuous circle of the more you do the more you want to do"

The company plans to develop the z-Track range with further app updates to add in more, stress defence features for relaxation, MvBii Ventures have been in discussion with several companies about the use of balance in the work place and plan to undertake some large scale trials to show how it can help with occupational welfare ideas such as the NHS Live Well campaign"

With the satnav market becoming more and more integrated with smartphones, Tom Tom have had to branch out to stay relevant in an increasingly crowded market. Stepping completely away from their satellite navigation roots, they have instead decided to go toe-to-toe with GoPro with the release of their first ‘action camera’.
Easy to use and very responsive when it comes to streaming to your device of choice, it also comes with a neat ‘create a story’ feature which allows you to edit together a number of clips into a collected narrative.

Available from Argos, Grafton Centre, Cambridge from £275

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