Arguably the biggest tech launch of the year, the new console from Nintendo is finally here! Named the Switch thanks to its hybrid nature, it’s a combination of console and tablet gaming which places renewed emphasis on multiplayer gaming, local networking and portability.

Offering a unique gaming experience at an attractive price point, it will also benefit from reviving some of gaming’s most iconic characters. With Mario and Zelda both due to show up amongst its early titles, it’s unlikely to suffer for being less powerful than PS4 or Xbox – it’s simply daring to be different.

Available at Game, Grand Arcade, Cambridge, from £550

Available on all Apple and Android devices, Sunfly’s brand new app ‘Karaoke2U’ is set to provide Karaoke fans worldwide with a radical on-the-go experience.

The brand new fully-licensed app includes new features including the ability for the user to record and share videos over social media including Facebook, What’s App, Viber, We-chat, Pinterest and Instagram. Why not sign in through Facebook too and add special effects to the vocals including reverb, echo, and pitch-shifting. The app features bang up to date recommendations and playlists specially curated by actual humans and based on genre and territory.

The app is to bemade available in the UK, Russia, Australia and New Zealand on September 10th. Those using the app in English can choose from a huge selection of 5000 songs. The app has also been translated into Russian and has a selection of 1000 Russian language videos as well as a selection of English titles.

As with Sunfly’s browser based streaming service, the app comes with a 7-day free trial after which users can choose from a range of flexible and affordable deals. Within 2016, subscribers can pay just 79p for 3 hours, £2.29 for 3 days, £3.99 for a month or £25.99 for a year.

This fun and multifaceted app comes courtesy of the UK’s leading Karaoke technology company who recently celebrated their 25th anniversary this year.


Reel Vegas

Reel Vegas, the leading mobile casino game provider, has today launched a fantastic new Sign Up Promotion, the likes of which has never been seen before.

As part of the Reel Vegas bonus package, all of the new customers can get up to £500 on their first three deposits with the fantastic "Deposit Match Offer"

The Reel Vegas mobile casino is compatible with all mobile phones and tablets, and hosts an array of high tech responsive swipe options, that ensure a great gaming experience is had by all.

Mike Wilson, who heads the Mobile Tech team at Reel Vegas stated "With the rise of mobile users over the past few years, we have incorporated as much Tech as we can, in order to ensure 100% compliance with all of our Casino games. With tablet & mobile devices becoming more and more used in the Digital Landscape along with the increase in broadband speeds, we opted to invest our time and resources in this key area".

The Reel Vegas Casino has been deployed into a one of a kind gaming platform, that offers dual compatibility functions to mobile and personal computer users, ensuring all players can enjoy playing the wide portfolio of games on offer. From Tablet, Iphone, Blackberry, Laptop and computer users, they are accessible to everyone. This coupled with both Free Play and Wager Play, ensures everyone can use and enjoy the Reel Vegas experience almost anywhere in the world, at any time.
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If you believe your business works in an industry which could benefit from more visual exposure, Vine is an app which could help. YouTube has cornered the market in longer videos (and if you want to show something off, it’s a great platform), but if you don’t have the time for long winded recordings, Vine is the answer. Linked to Twitter, it allows the capture of short video clips.

This app is used by people all over the world. As well as sharing your clips you can watch others, this is a great way to start networking your ideas. Testing a new product? Film a clip and share it with your followers. Pull back the curtain a little bit and you might be surprised how much feedback you get.

So the festive season is undeniably upon us and it doesn’t take much to notice the sheer number of apps which are appearing on the market at the moment. Many of them have a Christmas theme, or are made to promote other products released in the run up to the big day – designed to help shift units as the annual clamour heats up.

Further to this, many App users are now able to ask for Apple Store or Google Play vouchers as Christmas gifts, developers are getting wise to a huge festive rush which will not only run until Christmas Day itself, but also into the days and weeks that follow. As a result, apps are currently flooding onto the market, but not all of them are disposable festive fodder – hidden away amongst them are a few gems which may well help businesses well into 2015 and beyond.

Forgetting for a moment that Christmas is just around the corner, here are a few suggestions that could be of business use in 2015!

Firstly ‘Wire', a free app backed by Skype co-founder Janus Friis which has some of the same functionality such as text messaging and voice calls. With a slick interface and some great grouping options, it’s the kind of tool you could ask empoyees and teams to download and use to stay in touch on days when people are not at their desks. Of course, there are many apps on the market that do this, but you can’t underestimate their usefulness and this one is particularly ergonomic for small to medium sized businesses.

Wire – Free from Google Play store and Apple App Store

As soon as everyone in the team is hooked up, you can then manage your projects with task list and scheduling app ‘Droptask’. Using a uniquely visual layout, there’s something pleasing about getting through your tasks for the day and then seeing them disappear from your screen. At its core it’s an interactive ‘to-do’ list, but it’s a truly satisfying one.

Droptask - Free from Google Play store and Apple App Store

Finally, ‘Readly’ An excellent app which allows users to read a selection of magazines on their tablet or laptop, it’s most often summed up as the ‘Spotify of magazines’. For a monthly subscription fee (there’s a free month’s trial on offer too), you can access hundreds of magazines via up to five separate devices. So if you often find yourself under a stack of industry magazines trying to keep up to date with the latest information, this is a sharp, one-stop route to all the information without the recycling that follows.

Readly - £9.99 per month from Google Play store and Apple App Store


‘Zombie FX by Pocket Director ’ app

Create a Zombie Movie in the palm of your hand

Undead movie making app exclusive to iOS devices from June 11th

Horror movie fans – have you ever wanted to shoot your very own zombie movie, complete with shuffling undead, gun battles and maybe even a zombie cat?

Out on June 11th, the new ‘ Zombie FX by Pocket Director ‘app allows you to do just that.


A new list of British obsessions, compiled by the makers of best selling family quiz game Linkee, has seen the popular likes of Doctor Who and One Direction kicked to the curb in favour of dogs. The list, based on crowd sourced quiz questions submitted to Linkee by thousands of their players, also included British Prime Ministers and Toy Story Characters in the top 5.


New in 90’ is a new fitness and eating app that doesn’t contain the false promises of a quick fix diet or instant body-changing exercise routines. Instead it offers genuine, life transforming solutions and has been developed by fitness, nutrition and life style experts to be simple to do and accessible by everyone.


Pitched as an alternative to impersonal dating sites, Ciao You is focussed on bringing together people who’ve made a connection in a public place but not been able to swap contact details. Allowing users to post the location, time and a few details of the encounter, CiaoYou is an App that is able to match up posts automatically to re-connect people.


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