We recently discussed the tiny village of Kivalina, Alaska, as potentially being the first casualty of climate change and now a couple seeking asylum in New Zealand are looking like the first 'climate change refugees'. The pair, from the Pacific nation of Kiribati, have claimed that they were forced to move due to rising sea levels. Kiribati is in fact 'one of the lowest lying nations on Earth' and it was noted by the male that "there's no future for us when we go back to Kiribati". 

Immigration officials in New Zealand have rejected their plea in two cases before, citing the reason that the rest of Kiribati's population face the same threats. They do have a case however, as high tides are wreaking havoc on the island - 'killing crops, flooding homes and sickening residents'. The couple certainly face a tough legal battle but the outcome could have great implications for similar, low-lying populations across the globe. 

Read more about the case on Sky News.

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