Last night saw the final episode in this series of acclaimed BBC drama Luther. After a long wait for series 3, the show in no way disappointed and is surely worthy of a renewal for a further season. His symbolic coat drop at the end of the show suggests that time is up on the detective thriller. From it's humble beginnings back in 2010, the show has gone on to gain a huge cult following, however it has been noted that perhaps the key cast members have 'outgrown it'.

The uncharacteristically happy ending saw Luther joining Alice, freed from the shackles of the force. In his chase for the vigilante killer Tom Marwood, Luther appeared to give his all and maybe this was his last case. There is most certainly calls for the show to return but at the moment this appears to be unlikely. 

Similarly to the BBC's own Sherlock series, if Luther was to return it would have to fit around the actors' schedules. With both Elba and Ruth Wilson (Alice Morgan) busy filming in the US, the logistics of putting together another series would be tough. It has been touted, admittedly sometime ago, that a Luther feature film may be on the cards. A prospect which would certainly turn the heads of key cast members, there is also potential for an Alice spin-off series.

In it's current form though, Luther will likely follow Sherlock in only returning on a more irregular basis.

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