Listen up MDR readers, we know you are used to us bringing you all new music from all over the world, but now for something completely different!

Are you looking for somewhere wonderful to discover in the Battersea area of London? Do you love great food, and opera? Well, you've come to the right place as we are introducing to you: TWID restaurant and cocktail bar in Battersea.

Don’t be put off by the crazy street outside - once you enter the place it is like being in the heart of Venice. There's live music and stunning opera performances every night from 7-10.

To top it all off, TWID concoct sumptuous cocktails and the food is something to behold before you've even tasted it. I know we don’t normally gush about anything other than music but this place combines such a brilliant theme that any lover of classical drama and opera should make this their next dinner location.

Get down there and tell them ‘My Dad Rocks’ sent you , who knows, maybe you will get some special treatment!

But honestly, you'll have to book immediately at TWID as spaces are hot!


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