Based on a unique concept, Chaplin’s Circus show goes far beyond the usual collection of magic, juggling and acrobatics, weaving a tale of love, history and pantomime with a series of the best circus acts you are ever likely to see with one exception, clowns are banned! Taking the audience back to 1924, the show tells the story of a Chaplin’s Circus who have asked aviator Orville Wright to save their ailing fortunes by creating the world’s first ‘Human Cannonball’. With the big top rammed full and an audience ready to see the premiere of the new attraction, the excitement backstage is palpable and the audience are part of the show, observing the thrills and spills the performers must go through to create the big night that will save the show from bankruptcy. Everything rides on the success of this one performance. But, lurking in the shadows is a man who will do anything to ensure the circus fails, one man who is set on destroying the family circus and making sure the show will not go on!

In an era where professional rivalry runs rife, sabotage looms around every corner. Will Chaplin’s Circus survive the dark intentions of those who want to see them fall? You can find out in this unique, edge of your seat show.

In reality, Britain’s brightest and most innovative Circus Company, Chaplin’s Circus, is the brainchild of three men: One is the greatest Charlie Chaplin impersonator the world has ever seen. So good, Madame Tussauds used him when they created their iconic wax work. The next is one of the foremost set creators and circus creative’s, a man who has worked on everything from movie blockbusters to the best circus acts in the world, and finally the third is a man who gave up a legal career in business to buy a circus , a man who literally gave up everything to run off to the circus.

Their aim is simple – to provide audiences with a brand new, unique circus show. A show that is community based and family focused offering a rounded, not-for-profit circus skills workshops for local children during the day prior to the main events , as well as partnerships with animal welfare charities thanks to their strict ‘No Circus Animals’ policy. A Circus that has researched what the audience want to such an extent that they have banned clowns, as their findings showed that both children and adults viewed them as the thing that was most likely to give them nightmares.

With their show soon to be travelling the length and breadth of the UK, Chaplin’s Circus don’t just want to entertain their audience, they want to teach them too.

In each area they visit, the circus company will be offering not-for-profit workshops to teach local children some of their circus skills, from juggling clubs to basic acrobatics – and maybe even a magic trick or two.

Finally , the family friendly ethos continues into the show’s content understanding that whilst clowns are out , the best of circus combining West End style theatrics with an all year round pantomime flavour is truly in.

Excitement, love, intrigue, thrills and spills are the order of the day and to emphasise this, Chaplins have re-created one of the biggest attractions a circus can offer. An attraction that for many years was banned due to fear of injury to the circus performers, but now in keeping with their theatrical traditions Chaplins circus have brought back the most dangerous explosive stunt , The Human Cannonball.

The Human Cannonball is the highlight of the show packing a live human into a gunpowder filled cannon and firing them across the full length of the stage a stunt that was so important to the show it meant them gaining special insurance and having to create arguably the largest touring Big Top in the UK.

In one simple sentence the excitement of Chaplins can be summed up, if Cameron MacIntosh had grown up in the circus this is how all circuses would have evolved! Watch out, as the show is coming to a town near you in 2014.

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