It's not often that My Dad Rocks gets invited anywhere nice (and still less frequently that we get invited back. Ed.) but  after a very pleasant day at nearby Sturmer Hall we though we ought to give it a shout-out.

Situated in Haverhill, close to Cambridge, the historic venue of Sturmer Hall offers a unique setting for events, blending tradition with a distinctly contemporary edge.

Fully equipped to provide services for weddings, corporate conferences and live entertainment, the hotel has a reputation for delivering first-class hosting. Noted in the Doomsday Book, the centuries old hall boasts spacious, tastefully furnished bedrooms, immaculate gardens and plenty of space to relax and regenerate.

The venue’s excellent transport links and countryside setting make it an excellent location for hosting all manner of events. As a wedding venue, Sturmer Hall is most certainly a wedding planner's dream.

Complete with a 12th Century Church, the dedicated team of wedding coordinators will map out your day. Offering flexibility and a range of choices, Sturmer Hall ensures to make their bespoke weddings incredibly memorable. 

Info: Sturmer Hall website

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