RBB Radioeins in Germany described their style as 'A totally different musical universe' and this pretty much its the nail on the head when it comes the eccentric, left-field music of Berlin based duo, Feline and Strange.

However, the visionary pair like to label their style as 'electro-wave cabaret; it's dark, haunting, full of brooding instrumentation and intrigue that you simply can't listen to just once.

Feline and Strange often combine the chaos of sound with unnerving silences that makes for a sometimes uncomfortable, yet fascinating listening experience.

Feline Lang, and opera and tango singer, certainly brings these influences into the duo's music, creating a jarring clash of classical and electronic styles which somehow seem to fit together. Whilst Christoph Klemke (Strange), is a punk drummer, percussionist and orchestra cellist who adds his talents to the line up, particularly with his fold up cello which he made himself but cutting an electric cello into 3 pieces.

This notion is encapsulated in their single 'No Life On Mars' which is taken from their latest album, OUT. Watch the video below:

But there's so much more to the story of Feline and Strange. Allow us to explain: The band are extraterrestrials, transferred centuries ago to Earth with partial amnesia and reborn into new human bodies. Their music serves to collect members for their crew and they don’t know their original mission, but assume they must report home. Yet lately they have changed sides, conspiring against Earth’s invasion, having warmed to the planet and its inhabitants.

With a 'concept' like this and the highly-alternative music that the duo are creating, Feline and Strange are sure to catch a few eyes and ears, not least ours.

Feline and Strange will also be releasing the new video for their track 'City By The Sea' on July 7th. Keep an eye out!







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