I would imagine that most people couldn't name a protest song from this day and age, but pioneering songwriter, Beldon Haigh, has come up with two in the past year.

Beldon cemented himself on the scene with 'Freedom', a song that protested the presidency of Donald Trump and acted as a call to arms for the many millions who dislike Trump to stand up and be counted. Now, Haigh has returned, perhaps even more pertinently, with 'Land of Hope' which brings to light the atrocities of the refugee crisis that the world is currently encountering.

'Land of Hope' employs more of the direct, straight-to-the-point lyrics that Beldon exhibited in his previous single, but this time he is appealing to an entirely different cause. His adaptability in addressing audiences is quite astounding and it's refreshing to hear a musician with a true purpose, other than just wanting to make money.

Having played with a number of bands back in the 80s, including Mikifin and Boxing Clever, Beldon has developed experienced song writing skills that see him marrying classic and effective instrumentation with poignant and witty lyricism.

Despite the harrowing nature of what Beldon's new track addresses, the tone is surprisingly upbeat, resonating perfectly with the name of the song. A protest song should look forward positively whilst highlighting the issues, not simply wallow in the problems of the world, and Beldon succeeds in doing the former.

On top of this, Beldon is donating all proceeds from sales of the single to indiGo volunteers, an organisation providing support for aid agencies who are helping with the humanitarian crisis.




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