Russian singer-songwriter, Georg Roman, has thrown away his pursuit of a career in sport for one in music instead, releasing his hard-hitting operatic anthem, 'Forever'.

'Forever' is song like none you have ever heard. Georg pushes boundaries with his music, creating an unusual yet surprisingly harmonious concoction of operatic, classical and even rock styles, all driven by Roman's roaring baritone voice.

Consequently, you can understand why Georg takes inspiration from a wide range of artists; everyone from Luciano Pavarotti to Eric Clapton and Joe Cocker to Placido Domingo.

Georg looks up to these stalwarts of the operatic world and it is this style he has followed that has led him to perform at well established venues such as The Bolshoi Academic Theatre and The Bonn Opera.

Although Georg originally intended to take on a career in sports, wanting to be a professional fighter or weightlifter, fans of his music will be pleased that he chose music instead- it was clearly the right choice.

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