Welsh singer-songwriter, Chey, has followed up her debut single, 'Dirty Love', with a song in the same alternative, electro-pop vein, entitled, 'She's Got You'.

The new track is a fusion of disquieting electronica and contemporary pop, making for a truly absorbing listen, only reinforced by the evocative music video filmed in an abandoned cotton mill in Manchester.The visuals feature some intricate choreography from a pair of talented dancers that truly complement the feeling behind Chey's lyrics.

Telling the typical story of infidelity and lost love, Chey places this common tale onto an original backdrop of her alternative style of pop. She said: “‘She’s Got You’ deals with the feelings of loss and rejection, losing someone can be a poignant moment in your life - it can also be the moment where you find your strength.”

'She's Got You' was put together with the help of famed London producer, David Ezra, who has also worked with X-Factor finalists, Reggie and Bollie in the past. On top of this, there is a remixed version of 'She's Got You' if you like your music a little more dancy!

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