With a lot of support to his name already, Jake Aldridge is an artist who is beginning to make his way in the music industry. His music has been played by Tom Robinson on his BBC Introducing mixtape, on Playboy TV and he was even no. 1 on Zone radio's top 40 charts.

With his latest release, entitled 'Fireman', Jake is fusing R&B with hip-hop and even a little bit of pop, with the help of Lisa Ambrose and her quality vocals.

Beginning with Lisa's pure voice and a delicate acoustic guitar, 'Fireman' quickly makes way for Jake's inventive and considered lyricism. His raps and rhymes are original and full of emotion, only adding to the feel of the track. Unlike many others, Jake was not always a musician. It wasn't until his Father passed away when he was 11, that Jake found music to be an ideal platform for expressing his emotions. He quickly found that he had a confident talent for penning lyrics and he hasn't looked back since.

Interestingly, the acoustic guitar motif continues throughout the track, lying subtly underneath the centrepiece of Jake's lyrics. Not only this, but his attitude-fuelled words and style sit in contrast to Ambrose's, almost creating two sides to the song which could be interpreted as two sides to the argument and predicament that 'Fireman' is centred around.

In terms of production, Jake has used all he skills he has learnt over his time in the industry to create a highly professional track that paves the way for him in the urban-pop scene.

Jake finds inspiration in some of the biggest names in rap and hip-hop, including greats such as Tupac Shakur and Dr.Dre. These influences evidently leak into his own style and there's hardly better artists in his genre that he could look up to.

Overall, 'Fireman' is a top-level track that anyone who likes urban music will be able to relate to. But more than that, pop fans will also find a bit of what they like with Jake's crossover style.







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