You may recognise James Grant from this picture as the front-man of 80s group, Love and Money, but now he has returned and teamed up with producer Gordy Goudie, to form The Korvids and their brand of funky-disco for a modern audience.

The pair have labelled their new album as perfect for the older generation, who still want to bust a move or two in honour of their younger selves. Upon listening to the record, this seems like a perfect description- it has that throwback sound, reminiscent of disco and funk, with groove-heavy basslines and wah-laden guitar leads.

It's simply the kind of music that you can't dislike; it just makes you want to move, or at least tap a foot. 'Bad Faith' is a highlight, exhibiting Grant's trademark falsetto vocals and an enticing piano lead. It was even produced with the help of Steely Dan's producer, Gary Katz.

James says, “I wanted to be someone else for a while. Sound different. Write different. It can be dreary being me all the time...I sing most of my vocals on the record in falsetto, which, as we know, is the international language of disco.”

Back in the 80s, Love and Money never seemed to really hit the big time, despite Grant's talents, so he'll be hoping that his new direction in music will take hi even further. Equally, Gordy has produced for Simple Minds and has even played bass and guitar for Echo and the Bunnymen and The Primevals.

Disco lovers, whilst I'm sure you're enticed- you'll have to wait until 28th April before you can get your ears round the new album.

In the meantime, check out more on the Korvids here:

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