These days, pop music can seem a little samey and it's been a long time since we last had a truly original artist emerge from the UK. However, luckily for us, Nancy Black is here as our saviour with her super catchy new single, 'Dirty Little Bass.'

With an infectious chorus and cleverly crafted, rap-esque lyricism throughout the verses, Black succeeds in merging styles effectively. There is a definite dance feel to the track, with some fuzz-heavy basslines backing it up, but there's also an acoustic guitar break which you don't see coming, but it works! Consequently, Black gives us a bit of everything, making for a unique piece of pop music that can appeal to anyone.

Due to the range of sounds, expertly woven together by Black, it's the kind of track that you can imagine fitting in anywhere: In the club, at a house party or it would even make a great addition to your ipod collection.

Nancy found herself penning 'Dirty Little Bass' in the aftermath of a particularly messy break up, yet simultaneously, it was an odd moment of euphoria and release, as is evident from the upbeat nature of the track. Despite these hardships, Nancy was able to grow stronger from her experiences and use her musical talents to escape the heartbreak and put it behind her.

The English-rose-meets-pop-princess started writing music at the age of 13 and soon formed the all-girl rock band, Pink Lemons, before gaining the confidence to head out as a solo artist. From going solo, Black developed her sound to incorporate killer dance beats and hooks that give her music that special edge.

You can watch the video for 'Dirty Little Bass' here:

And you can find out more on Nancy Black here:


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