Cambridge based independent chocolatier launches new site where customers build their own bar Independent, Cambridge based chocolatier Chocolat Chocolat are excited to treat customers to their tasteful new website at . The new site – which offers Chocolate Bouquets, French Specialities and Gift boxes from ‘The Home of Handmade Chocolate’ – gives customers unique opportunities for customers to satisfy their sweet tooth. But perhaps the most exciting part of the site for choco-lovers is the chance to build your very own, custom-made chocolate bar – ideal for chocolate fans hunting for their perfect treat. Create Your Own Chocolate Bar & receive a YouTube video of its creation Giving customers the opportunity to choose a milk, dark, white or caramel chocolate bar base and then combine it with a wide variety of toppings, the custom bars are available in packs of one, two or three. Incredibly, the range of bases and toppings can create up to 200,000 different combinations – plenty of opportunities for chocolate lovers to tease their taste buds. Once you’ve chosen your toppings, the chocolate bars will be made carefully to your specifications, with personalised YouTube videos detailing the unusual and wonderful creations. The bars will arrive at your door a few days later. There will even be an unboxing video upload page for the happy customers to post their own feedback. As well as building their own chocolate bar, visitors are able to book chocolate making and tasting courses, as well as hen parties and weddings favours.

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